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Dictator Project: General Maximiliano Hernandez martinez of El Salvador

p.4, Pelfrey 2012 project

Alyssa Fracalossi

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Dictator Project: General Maximiliano Hernandez martinez of El Salvador

Dictator Project:
General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez
of El Salvador By: Alyssa Fracalossi Early Life: *Born October 29th, 1882

*Joined army at an early age, and fought in the war
against Guatemala

*Worked as a professor at the Salvadoran Military Academy. How Martinez Came To Power: * Martinez ran for presidency in 1931, and was the only military officer in the lead

*Arturo Araujo won, with Martinez as vice president. He was a weak ruler, later ousted by a group of young army officers, which included Martinez. Characteristics of His Rule: Martinez was an "authoritarian" Leader His reign was the start of military control in El Salvador Martinez's Personal Life: Strongly believed in reincarnation, and performed seances in his home. Was reclusive, and was a nondrinker Successes •Ruthlessly ended a revolt by peasants trying to seize land. •Gained support from the Oligarchy •Suspended the Constitution that forbade a third presidential term so he didn’t have to retire. •Since El Salvador was practically bankrupt when he became president, Martinez made modest efforts to create road networks, government buildings, schools, and hospitals. How he Lost Power: In 1994, there was a civic strike in El Salvador. Martinez was abandoned by his ministers of defense, causing him to leave the country Le End~
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