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The Tunnel

No description

Keesha Cerezo

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Tunnel

The Tunnel
The Tunnel By: Sarah Ellis
Ib said she was going to go back but she said "they" (374) wouldn't let her leave. Also the song Ib sings sounds familiar to Ken. He says " The final puzzle piece of memory slides into place. That song, the two note song. The sweet high voice calling me in the tunnel... They wanted me. They wanted Ib. I began to shiver" (374). After their walk they went back home.
By: Keesha, Javon, Christian & Jordan
Sarah Ellis a Canadian children's author.
First Conflict
Ken asks Ib is she wants to go on a "exploration mission" and she agrees.
Rising Action
Ib heads in the direction of the tunnel where Ken had traumatizing experiences when he was a kid.
Major Crisis
Ib wants to go inside the tunnel.
Ib goes through the tunnel by herself while Ken meets her at the other end. As Ken reaches the other side Ib is no where to be found, he thinks she may have drowned.
Falling Action
Ken finds Ib "couched at the edge of the stream pushing a floating leaf with a stick" (374). After Ken finds Ib his "relief explodes into anger" (374). He asks why she doesn't answer him when he calls her name.
Kenton imagines himself older coming home after 2 months with biceps of iron and bags of money.
Ken is frustrated.
" The morning stretches ahead of me. Six weeks stretch ahead of me. My life stretches ahead of me. My brain is edging dangerously close to the idea of eternity" (370).
Ken is scared.
" Blackwater bloodsucks. But why would I want to scare her? And hey, it's just a tunnel. So i happen to suffer from claustrophobia. That's my problem" (373).
Ken is scared and angry.
" My relief explodes into anger" (374).
" They wanted me. They wanted Ib. I began to shiver" (374).
The story " The Tunnel" is told in first person.
Point of View
Character vs Self
Ken was struggling with his emotions and thoughts
He suffers from claustrophobia
Character vs Character
Ken gets mad at Ib
Ken meets Ib at the other end of the tunnel.
Uses short sentences.
Sensory appeal of touch.
Main conflict of the story.
Literary Device
Kenton is really bored babysitting Elizabeth, he really wants to get outside the house.
Uses descriptive words.
Leads to Ken and Ib going on a walk.
Literary Device
Literary Device
Ib’s Barbie symbolizes childhood.
Easy to relate to.
Ties into the theme of growing up.
Literary Device
The tunnel represents fear.
Tunnel relates to Ken’s claustrophobia.
Tunnel is the title and main setting
“Camping out, getting away from the parents, coming home after two months with biceps of iron and bags of money.” (369)

This is an example of personification because Ken relating his biceps to an inanimate object, and that they will be strong as iron in the future. The significance of this is Ken dreaming of what he wanted to do when he was older. He wanted to go camping, get summer job, and have biceps of iron. He wanted to be overall successful when he was older, however, he ended up being a babysitter when he was older.
“I inhale the dusty smell of sunbaked weeds, and I’m pilled back to the summer when we used to come out here, Jeff and Danielle and I.” (371)

This is significant in to the story because Ken remembers his past experiences in the tunnel with his friends. His friend Jeff would tease him when he was young about these “blackwater bloodsuckers” that lurk in the waters of the tunnel. When Ib went into the tunnel and didn’t come back, Ken had to face his fear and go into the tunnel to find her.
in a tunnel
in a house
Modern day because Ken said its hard to get a job now.
The main idea of the story is that at some point in life you have to face your fears because you can't run away from your problems.
Character & Characterization
Says- Ken says he doesn’t want to go in the tunnel. This is significant to the story because he goes in and the main idea is to face your fears.

Does- Ken calls Ib real name Elizabeth because she wasn’t responding to him in the tunnel. Its significant cause the same thing happened to him when he was young Jeff called Ken his real name Kenton.

What Others Say- Elizabeth told Kenton to come in the tunnel. This is significant because he went in and faced his fears.

Character vs. Self – Ken doesn’t want to go in the tunnel because of the bad experience that happened to him in the tunnel and he is just thinking of bad things. He eventually goes in and faces his fear.

Character vs. Others - Ken was struggling with Ib because she wasn’t listening to him when he told her to come from hiding in the tunnel. Ib is also struggling against the objects that were telling her that she couldn’t go back to ken until Ken called Ib real name Elizabeth.
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