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Copy of GE325 + peer review and citation/plagiarism

Orientation for transfer students

Amy Rice

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of GE325 + peer review and citation/plagiarism

What can the library do for you? Librarians are here to help! Basics to know
about library research ...but it is also a virtual space Google doesn't search the library's subscription databases the library is a building... Did you know? Has this happened to you? information you can find in the library catalog: how do I get there? How can I find an article
using a citation? Periodicals List Questions?
Comments? http://www.journalofparasitology.org/doi/abs/10.1645/GE-2313.1 http://www.whitworth.edu/library/ http://www.whitworth.edu/library/ Searching for articles on a topic Research Guides http://www.whitworth.edu/library What is citation? Why is it so important? Where can I go for more info? http://www.whitworth.edu/library/ Bryan, Daniel. "Acting Activism: "Introduction to Theatre" Confronts Student Apathy." Theatre Topics (Baltimore, MD) 18.2 (2008): 131. Web. and...
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