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Isabela's Life

No description

theresa Sauer

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Isabela's Life

This is the story of Isabela Audrey Riedell from class 5A
I love my family a lot. I have two sisters and one brother. Sophia is my twin ( you all know that ) Olivia is the youngest and last of all Connor is the only boy. My parents divorced and got married again. My dad right now is permenetly living in Washington state. I have two have two puppies Rusty and Raven and a pony Marshmallow
My Family
I love to ride my horse and do archery. Most of the time i don't get to do archery so i mainly love to ride on my horse I feel so free on her
Favorite book
My favorite book so far is called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling she is an amazing author.
Favorite Music
My Favorite music is Selena Gomez's. She is so talented and amazing i can't tell you how amazing and inspiring she is. She is the best song writer and acrtoress.
Favorite Music
I would like to be a horse and dog breeder. If i don't make enough money that way i will become a part-time babysitter
What I Want to be When I Graduate
I'd like to visit Australia. I really don't know why it just sounds like an adventure.
Places I'd Like to Visit
I think it would be California. I love it there it has
Favorite Vacation Spot
Favorite Sport
My Favorite sport is horse back riding. I do it all the time with my new pony ( my old horse almost ripped my grandpa's arm off) her name is Marshmellow. I love to ride her by myself.
My favorite color is... orange! When i was really little the reason i liked Tigger the tiger was because he was orange. When i was in 4 grade none of my markers really worked except for the orange one. So I used that one a lot and got used to it.
Favorite Color
Penelope was a pug. We got Penelope on October 14,2010. Penelope was born on November 28,2009 or 2008. She died in our backyard in the dog run. We grew these plants and she got caught in them and was strangled.
Penelope the Pug
Rusty is a red mini healer. He is 10 weeks old. He was born on March or April 2, 2013. He doesn't like getting a bath. He is also wanted as a mass murderer. He kills bunnies and moles.
Rusty the Mini Healer
Raven is a blue healer puppy. She is 8 weeks old. She was born on October 25, 2013 ( i'm guessing). She like Rusty doesn't like baths. We got her after Penelope died. She LOVES to bite and scratch.
Raven the Blue Healer
This is the closest picture i can get of her. Marshmallow is a pony. My grandma got her and i asked if i could have her her answer was yes. She was badly abused. She doesn't like people to touch her face. She is usually scared of everything and everyone.
Marshmallow the Pony
My two favorite artist are Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. My favorite song from Selena Gomez is come and get it. My favorite song from Taylor Swift is trouble.
Favorite Songs
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