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Who We Are: Human Body Prezi Antonio

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on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Who We Are: Human Body Prezi Antonio

Who We Are: Human Body Prezi Antonio
How all our body systems enable us to run and why:
There are a lot of systems that enable you to do this activity and i will explain that right now. #1. Respiratory system = the respiratory system helps us by giving oxygen to our body so we can live. #2. Skeletal system = the skeletal system helps you because with out bones you would be a big bone less human made of organs and skin and stuff like that laying on the floor. #3. Nervous system = the nervous system is a very important part of our body, it is the part of your body that is "commanded" by our brain to move our bodies. #4. Circulatory system = the circulatory system sends blood in every direction of our body so we can live. #5. Digestive system = the digestive system is important because it sends nutrients and good stuff from the food you eat to you whole body.Plus if all the body systems (and others) work together you can do almost any activity. Well lets run to the next slide (again) to find out what healthy choices you can make to keep your body and mind healthy.
What healthy choices you can make to keep your mind and body healthy:
Now I'm going to tell you about things you can do to keep you body health. #1. Eat healthy, by this I mean you will have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and less junk food. If you do this your body will have lots of nutrients witch are good for you. #2. Have at least nine hours of sleep every night, your body like machines needs to recharge its batteries by sleeping at least nine hours every night. #3. Exercise every day, exercising is very important because our bodies need to kill fat and stuff like that, This is made by you exercising at least one whole hour every day.
Hope you enjoyed my prezi see you next time.
A physical activity I love to do is:
A physical activity I love to do is to run. I like to so it because its fun and you should run or do any physical activity everyday. Running is made by lots of systems coming together including the skeletal system, the muscular system, the immune system etc. If you would like to find out more click on the next slide to the next slide to run to it!
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