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Mason Jar Meals

The best way to control how much you eat is to create easy compact mason jar meals that are ready to go! Visit passaic.njaes.rutgers.edu/fchs for recipe ideas, articles and much more.

Sara Elnakib

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Mason Jar Meals

The Solution!
What if there was an easy, no fuss way to grab breakfast and lunch on the go? A way where you don’t need to count calories, worry about portions, or look at nutrition facts. A way to just enjoy your food and not have to worry.
Mason Jars have been used for canning and pickling food by home cooks for years. John L. Mason invented the Mason Jar in 1858 in NYC as a way to preserve food using reusable containers.
Size Does Matter
We Eat Out More Today
Approximately 43% of meals are eaten away from home. That has gone up dramatically from the 18% that used to be eaten out about 20 years ago.
Portions Have Changed
Food portions have changed dramatically over the last 20 years.
Mason Jar Meals
Eating out almost half our meals is an issue. Food that is prepared outside of the home usually has high amounts of
, and come with very large portions.
20 years ago
Easy, Compact & Ready to Go!
Eating Out is Not Very Nutritious
3 inch Bagel
6 inch Bagel
16 Ounce Latte
20 years ago
8 Ounce Coffee
20 years ago
233 Calories
20 years ago
2.4 Ounce Fries
20 years ago
6.5 Ounce Soda
560 Calories
6.9 Ounce Fries
20 Ounce Soda
It's all in this little jar!
Breakfast Parfait
Oatmeal Jar
Breakfast Smoothie
Breakfast Frittata
Mason Jar Salad
Mason Jar Quiche
Mason Jar Burrito
Remember to add the liquid (salad dressing, sauce etc) on the bottom of the jar as the first layer so it doesn't wilt any vegetables on top.
Make your jars colorful. Each fruit or vegetable has its very own phytochemicals or plant chemicals or colors which have their own unique health benefits… so the more colorful your jar is the healthier it is.
Try new things: Swap rice for quinoa to add protein and keep it interesting. Consider adding seeds like flax or chia, as they have lots of healthy oils (omega 3 fatty acids). These will keep you feeling full throughout the day and help bring up your good cholesterol.
By: Sara Elnakib, RD, MPH, CHES
Mason Jars = Portion Control
In our heads, we aim to fill up our whole plate with food when we eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. If we use a smaller plate or bowl for this food, we still manage to satisfy the image in our head, and we also do not eat as much food.
Image Credit: http://www.healthyeating.org/Health-Wellness-Providers/Tip-Sheets/Serving-Size-Comparison-Chart.aspx, Dairy Council of California
Eating Breakfast
Eating Lunch
Eating Dinner
Take a look at the nutrition facts:
Serving Size
how many servings in the container?
How big is a serving?
What is in each serving? Fats? Calories? Vitamins?
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