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No description

shani langberg

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of 3D

Personal 3D printers
Up! Mini-

Professional 3D printers
+ 949 €
+ Material: ABS, 6 different colors
+ layer thickness 0.2 mm
+ 120 W mm\120 L mm\120 H mm
+ material cost - low
+ official website
+ 1.250 €
+ Material: ABS white
+ Precision: 0.2
+ 140 W mm\140 L mm\135 H mm
+ Finer quality
Up! Plus-

Up! Plus 2-

+ 1.599 €
+ Material: ABS+PLA filament plastics
multiple colors.
+ Precision: 0.2
+ 140mm\140mm\135mm
+ Finer quality
Volleman k8200-

+ 699 €
+ Material: ABS, PLA
+ layer thickness 0.25 mm
+ 200 W mm\200 L mm\200 H mm
+ 12 hours to build the printer
+ material cost - medium
+ official website
Cube 3D printer-

+ 1700 €
+ material: ABS, PLA
+ layer thickness 0.1 mm
+ 140 W mm\140 L mm\140 H mm
+ material cost - high
+ official website

Renkforce RF1000-

+ 1.599 €
+ material: ABS , PLA , PVA , Ecopla , PET , Taulman , Laybrick , Bendlay , Laywood - D3 , HIPS and smartABS
+ layer thickness 0.4 mm
+ 250 W mm\235 L mm\175 H mm
+ material cost - high
+ no official website

Replicator 2-

+ 1,600€ + filament 1.75 mm
+ Material: PLA+ PLA flexible+ ABS.
+ 153 W mm\285 L mm\155 H mm
+ precision 0.1
+ position precision 11 micron
+ material cost - low
+ offical website
+ have LCD panel control

+ 730 €
+ Material: ABS + PLA
+ layer thickness 0.1 mm
+ 135 W mm\120 L mm\175 H mm
+ Build the printer alone
+ material cost - low
+ official website

+ 1.895 € + wifi
+ Material: PLA + PLA flexible + ABS + filament 2.85 mm
+ 230 W mm\225 L mm\205 H mm
+ precision 0.02
+ position precision 12.5 micron
+ material cost - low
+ official website
+ don't have LCD panel control

Ultimaker 2-

The personal 3D printers are cheap, easy to use, designed for designers, architects, amateurs to build easy correct models and prototypes. The printers have wide range of materials but the common ones are PLA- Poly Lactic Acid and ABS- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. There is lot of colors to chose from and also different plastic kinds like clear, elastic and even glow in the dark.

The industrial 3D printers designed for the different Industries: medical, jewelry, dental auto and more. They are massive, professional, expansive and require learning operating software. The printers have wide range of materials to print form: transparent, opaque, hard, flexible and more.
The price ranges is around 8.000€ - 25.000€
In the recent years there is been a change in the design and prototypes world. The industry understand the market desire in 3D printing, there is a requirement among students, designers, architects and more to create and design there ideas in easier inexpensive way.
You can see a lot of 3D printing machines popping up recently, they are cheaper, accurate and friendly user as ever. A lot of organization, schools, and privet people decided to purchase this printers. By that, save a lot of money, depend on their own and they can gain great experience in the field. ("De Waag" society, Ryks Academy and more)

2\2.2\0.4 cm
manufacture cost-
Bunny doll-
10\6\10\15 cm
manufacture cost-

There are several ways to use 3D printing: professional and amateur.
In the professionals way you can find the professional big machines, highest quality that work for the different industries. It can take long time and lots of money to print there and not sure they will have time for you...
The other way is the amateur way, "the hub" is organization that connecting people who want to print to the people owning the machines. Comfortable, easy and cheap. But not always professional and can take a lot of time.
FFF technology- fused filament fabrication
2.4\2.4\2.4 cm
manufacture cost-
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