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Joss Whedon - Buffyverse

No description

mitzi hallmark

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Joss Whedon - Buffyverse

"You know, it [the show] wasn't really my idea. " 1995 - how the series began: JossWhedon 1997 Metaphorical Storylines Buffy begins - there are a lot of characters that come in and out of the series, but the storylines are centered around the lives of Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles (or a watcher) 7 seasons - the lowdown "No, no, he was just a prick.....Donald was just... He would rewrite all his dialogue, and the director would let him. He can't write" . lowdown and done Sustaining Power - Buffy airs 7 seasons "I had major involvement. I was there almost all the way through shooting. I pretty much eventually threw up my hands because I could not be around Donald Sutherland any longer" First year with ticket distribution Whedon's thoughts on the movie: "Not that the movie is without merit, I just watched a lot of stupid wannabe-star behavior and a director with a different vision than mine - which was her right, it was her movie" "Eventually, I was like, I need to be away from here." "He was incredibly rude to the director, he was rude to everyone around him, he was just a real pain. And to see him destroying my stuff.." " .......it was three years later, and Gail Berman actually had the idea. Sandollar [Television] had the property, and Gail thought it would make a good TV series. They called me up out of contractual obligation: "Call the writer, have him pass." ] And I was like, "Well, that sounds cool." reccuring themes, symbolism and narratives Teenage angst and school cliques
Problems the teenagers face become literal monsters
Sunnydale High School is on a hell mouth, symbolizes high school and teenage life as a whole
Generational conflict - parents just do not understand and cannot betrusted
Face horrors of the internet
Seasonale Story Arc - major events happen at the end, which keeps the devotee's coming back each season
The use of language in Buffy reinforces the theme of adult ignorance
The use of wit sustains the story arcs and is one element of the heroism of the teen characters throughtout the series. Buffy is the classic feminist series - anytime a male tries to take advantage of a vulnerable female, he is either eaten or maimed.

The teens language is starkly different from the adults - this linguistic separation symbolizes the gap between them

The "vampire master" story line in the first season represents distrust for patriarchal figures , i.e. adults in general have to build trust Season 1 - characters and themes are more black-and-white
humans, good; vampires, bad
simplistic and light hearted
Buffy meets Angel (vampire that gypys cursed and now has a soul)
Buffy does die and is resurrected.
It was short – 12 episodes, but gave us the road map for the characters.
Whedon challenges viewers to be attentive to language and sympolism Why Buffy Matters? Willow falls in love online; however, her boyfriend turns out to be a demon intent on world domination with her as his bride – exposes viewers to the dangers of cyberspace dating A school student who has become invisible after being ignored by her peers and teachers, ends up attacking her tormentor the prom Queen Cordelia – the girls invisibilty literally becomes a metaphor for insecurities and desire to belong Vampires appear as ‘normal’ individuals indistinguishable from general population until they turn into killers - you cannot trust what you see Sason 5 - now for some adult drama
In this season Buffy and the gang face, amongst other grizzly ghouls, vampires and demons, the greatest vampire of all time, Dracula
Buffy has major boyfriend troubles this season
Riley finally forces her to discuss the relationship and the fact that it means more to him than her.
Buffy “gets” a little sister and her mother dies
Xander has relationship issues
The Lesbians are nesting, only Tara's parents will not accept her lesbianism (they accept her witchiness though)
Buffy re-establishes her relationship with her professional mentor in a way that accounts for the fact that she is no longer a child.
Buffy dies at the hands of a ‘God,’ but is brought back to life by Willow, whose magic, i.e. habit is taking her over. Season 2 - 22 episode seasons begin
deliver quality story-lines
character-development arcs
situational ethics that reflect the haziness of the issues in real life, i.e. real life is scarier than demon hunting.
Buffy is the quick-witted heroine
Angel is Buffy's sexy underworld informant, who has rejected his old life as a vampire.
Buffy and Angel find themselves drawn dangerously close to each other, have sex, Angel's soul is ripped out and he becomes Angelus (bad vampire)
Druscilla and Spike are introduced - crazy and bad vampires
Buffy is ostracised by popular Cordelia, she bonds with two fellow outsiders: Xander, who is bright and funny; and shy Willow, an intelligant wallflower with a talent for computer hacking.
Buffy kills Angel in the finale, just when Willow (who recently disovered she has powers) brings back his soul Season 3 - focuses more on the senior year of high school and how it affects teenagers
Buffy's slayer behaviour doesn't make her a hit with the "in" crowd while her buddies are now dating.
Willow, has paired up with the unflappable werewolf Oz
Xander, finds himself in a love-hate relationship with popular-girl-of-the-moment Cordelia.
Buffy's side is Angel, who has returned from hell and their relationship grows even more complex
The season culminates in a youth-versus-adult conflict that ends with the school destroyed
New slayer in town - Faith (crazy town)
Mayor is evil . Season 7 - finally the end (literally and figuratively) and the series comes full-circle.
"humans-good-vampires-bad theme of the first season comes back into play
all of the characters have grown as people and can address the calamity as adults rather than children.
The evil-to-end-all-evil finally decides to balance accounts, and the world hangs in the balance.
Buffy and her friends build an army of “potential” slayers to help them.
They win..sort of. The end Lowdown cont. Season 4 - sees the characters transitioning into college - adulthood brings serious subjects
Willow is a lesbian witch
Xander joins the workforce and begins dating Anya, a former vengeance demon.
Spike returns as a series regular and is abducted by The Initiative, a top-secret military installation based beneath the UC Sunnydale campus. They implant a microchip in his head which prevents him from harming humans.
Spike begins to get the warm fuzzy’s for Buffy and reluctantly helps the gang throughout the season and eventually begins to fight on their side after learning that he can harm other demons.
Oz leaves town after realizing that he is too dangerous as a werewolf,
Willow falls in love with Tara Maclay, another witch
Buffy begins dating Riley Finn, a grad student who she later realizes is a member of The Initiative.
Although appearing to be a well-meaning anti-demon operation, it is realized that it had more sinister plans as its demon/Human/computer hybrid secret project, Adam, escapes and begins to wreak havoc on the town. Season 6 - Once more with feeling
Buffy is raised from the dead by Willow
Buffy has what can be termed today as a life crisis, she was happier dead
Her sister develops a habit of stealing to compensate for self-esteem issues.
Willow develops a ‘habit’ however it is a mystical one.
Xander wonders whether he can truly marry anotherAnya, who is his fiancé by this point.
A musical happens
Tara dies and Willow goes stark raving witch mad
Spike and Buffy's relationship blossoms...okay she still loathes him, but she does make out with him - but she constantly questions her attraction to him, so its a muddled mess Buffy, the protagonist in the story is trying to transition from being uber popular, to being associated with fringe groups; nerds and the the 'not-so-it' people

The real horrors are not so much the demons and vampires, but the sexual double standards and suffocating hierarchy that is high school and dealing with adults

The two people that die that are close to the group are not killed by demons - Buffy can protect her family and friends from demons and vampires, but cannot protect them from natural causes or stray bulle Buffy and then some Dark Horse Comics Began in 1998 - is a continuation now of the series with season 8 and 9 Buffyverse Although intimately involved with the movie in the beginning, Whedon finally grew sick of the direction that it was going in and also of where the actors were taking his beloved
characters. 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Movie Angel gets his own show Whedon also examines Angel's conflict between vampirism and humanism - although the Gyspy curse gave him his soul, it does not determine him as 'good,' rather it is his acts that continue his redemption. Angel Series begins - Whedon is able to excercise adult themes with Angel running Wolfram and Hart law firm. This exploration adds another layer to the overall storyline of the IP. to recap, Angel, the vampire with a soul, leaves Buffy because there was too much at 'stake' for him to stay in Sunnydale Funny conversations become a way of communicating metaphors in character dialogue-

“You’re that amped about hell? Go there” (“ Prophecy Girl”),

“I’ll talk to you later, when you’ve visited Decaf Land” (“ The Dark Age,” 2.8).

Willow: “The Slayer always says a pun or a witty play on words, and I think it throws off the vampires”
Xander: “I’ve always been amazed with how Buffy fights, but in a way I feel like we took her punning for granted” (“ Anne,” 3.1). Video created by a Buffy Fan Video games and Buffy Animated Series Regret - Animated Series flopped "Although it was so much fun to write, and our options for where to take this were endless, bottomline is we had no funding - we just couldn't sell it"

Note: this before the Avenger's though, so maybe now would be a good time to try again ps-wish I had thought of this first! Dr. Adam Brackin
ATEC 8356.501
Mitzi Hallmark
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