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Chad 2005-present

jasmine taylor

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of War

Chad Civil War 2005 - Present Historic Background In 2005, Chadian President Idriss Déby changed the constitution so that he could run for a third term in office, which sparked mass desertions from the army.The large-scale desertions from the army in 2004 and 2005, which forced Deby to disband his presidential guard and form a new elite military force, weakened the president's position and encouraged the growth of armed opposition groups.

Groups Involved United Front for Democratic Change,
United Forces for Development and Democracy
Gathering of Forces for Change
National Accord of Chad
Sudan supported the rebels
Libya mediated the conflicts
Causes of conflict Sudanese government has been trying to overthrow the Chadian president, Idriss Deby
Disputes between Arabs and Black Africans
Disputes over resources continued to increased Current Situation 2010 Chad rebels sign Libyan-brokered peace deal intended to end three-year civil war
Earlier Events First Chad Civil War (1965-1979)
Second Chad Civil War (1979-1982)
Third Chad Civil War (1998-2002)
Fourth Chad Civil War (2005-present)
Resolution The conflict has not been resolved.The peace agreement of October 2007 was unsuccessful and the war is still ongoing today. Timeline February 8, 2006 Tripoli Agreement was signed by Chadian President and Libyan leader ending the Chadian-Sudanese conflict
April 13, 2006 The Battle of N'Djamena when the forces of the revolutionary United Front for Democratic Change and the military of Chad attempted to overthrow the government of President Idriss Déby
October 26, 2007 peace agreement signed between the government of Chad and four rebel groups
June 18, 2008 The Battle of Am Zoer when Sudanese forces were reported to have attacked Chadian positions on the border
On 16 and 17 May, 2009 the Chadian Air Force conducted three air attacks inside Sudanese territory
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