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The Tudors Family

No description

Casey Longstreet

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of The Tudors Family

The Tudors Family

The Tudor dynasty (also known as the House of Tudors) ruled England's Kingdom and its realms from 1485 to 1603. Starting the reign was monarch, Henry VII. This dynasty ruled for 118 years with Elizabeth I ending the Tudor dynasty. The Tudor family impacted history greatly during their reigning.
August 7th
Richard III is defeated by
Henry Tudor (VII)
at Bosworth Field.
Henry VII becomes king.
January 18th
Henry VII and
Elizabeth of York
marry. The marriage united the houses of York and Lancaster.
Prince Arthur
is born to Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York.
June 28th
Henry VIII
is born.
Prince Arthur and
Catherine of Aragon
get married.
Six months after marrying Catherine, Prince Arthur dies.
While giving birth to her eighth child, named Katherine, Elizabeth dies giving birth. Katherine dies a few days later.
Henry VII dies by "a consuming sickness" at age fifty two.
Henry VIII rises up to the throne.

Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon are married.
Catherine is crowned Queen
Catherine of Aragon gives birth to
Henry VIII appoints himself head of the English church.
Henry VIII and
Anne Boleyn
become married, but Henry is still technically married to Catherine of Aragon.
Catherine of Aragon is also told to renounce her title as Queen, but she refuses.

The marriage between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon is declared irrational.
The crowned queen is now Anne Boleyn.
Elizabeth I
is born to Anne Boleyn
January 7th: Catherine of Aragon passes away.
January 27th: While pregnant, Anne Boleyn experiences a miscarriage with a baby boy.
Anne Boleyn gets charged of incest and adultery and is arrested.
May 19th: Anne Boleyn becomes the first English Queen that is executed by her own country.
May 20th: Henry VIII and
Jane Seymour
become engaged.
May 30th: Henry VIII and Jane Seymour become husband and wife.
October 12th: Edward VI is born to Jane Seymour.
October 24th: Jane Seymour dies of "puerperal sepsis" ("child bed fever").
Henry VIII and
Anne of Cleves
get married.
The divorce between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves occur.
Marriage between Henry VIII and
Katherine Howard
Katherine Howard is executed for adultery and treason.
July 12th
Henry VIII gets married to
Katherine Parr
Henry VIII dies.
At the age of nine, Edward VI gains the throne.
During childbirth, Katherine Parr dies.
Edward VI passes away due to consumption.
Before the death of Edward VI, he makes
Lady Jane Grey
the successor because he strikes Mary and Elizabeth from the line of succession.
July 10th: Ruling only for nine days, Lady Jane Grey is made Queen of England.
July 19th: Mary I is made the Queen of England while Lady Jane Grey faces imprisonment in the Tower of London.
February 12th: Lady Jane Grey is beheaded due to treason.
July 25th: Mary I gets married to
Prince Phillip of Spain
During this time, heretics were burned at the stake under the rule of Mary I.
During her reign, three hundred people were burned alive.
Mary I dies from cancer.
Proclaimed Queen of England is Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I passes away.
Henry Tudor
Henry Tudor (Henry VII), born on January 28th 1457 to Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beauford, became King of England in 1485 after defeating Richard III of York at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was the one who started the Tudor dynasty after marrying Elizabeth of York and merging the Lancaster and York houses together. Henry and Elizabeth had seven kids, but only four that survived their infant stages. Throughout his life, he made many memorable moments in history. One being that he was the one who started the Tudor dynasty. Henry Tudor passed away in 1509 at the age of 52 at Richmond Palace.
Elizabeth of York
Elizabeth of York was born on February 11, 1466 at Westminster Palace. Daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, she was born into the York House which was involved in the "War of Roses". She married Henry Tudor in 1486. Their marriage ended the war and Elizabeth of York became Queen. With Henry VII they had four surviving children ( seven altogether). Elizabeth died on her 37th birthday in 1503.
Prince Arthur
Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, was born in September of 1486 as the first child to Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York. His birth meant that he was living proof of the two houses combined (Lancaster and York). His father handled a treaty of Medina del Campo with Spain which included that Arthur would be married to Catherine of Aragon. Their marriage took place in 1501 after 16 years of negotiation with the treaty. In March of 1502 Arthur became sick and his passing occurred on April 2nd. He was buried in Worcester Catherdal.
Prince Henry
Named after his father, Henry VIII was born on June 28th, 1491. His parents are Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. In his childhood, he was very intelligent and had many hobbies such as playing instruments, composing, writing, sports, and more. He wrote a best-selling book,
The Defence of the Seven Sacraments
which violated Martin Luther and sustained the Roman Catholic Church. After his brother Arthur's death, a treaty was signed that Catherine would marry the next heir to the throne (in which that was Henry VIII). He became heir to the throne in 1502 and succeeded in 1509. Henry VIII had six wives, the first being his brother's widow Catherine of Aragon. They married in 1509 and she gave birth to one surviving child, Princess Mary in 1516. Henry was desperate for a son because at that time the dynasty wasn't protected enough of handing the crown to a woman. So he filed for divorce and married Anne Boleyn who also failed to give birth to a son and had Princess Elizabeth. Henry executed her with charges of treason. Jane Seymour, being his third wife, gave birth to Edward VI. Jane died 12 days after the birth. His fourth marriage was to Anne of Cleves and it was very short. His last two marriages were to Katherine Howard who was executed for adultery and Catherine Parr who died in 1548. Those last two marriages had no children involved. Henry VIII ended up dying on January 28th, 1547 in London. To compare Henry VIII and his father, they both did many things that changed history and led the Tudor dynasty. Something different between the two is that his father only stuck with one wife while Henry VIII had six. The Tudors had a great amount of power, so a lot of the things were based off of their say in that society.
Catherine of Aragon
The youngest surviving child of her parents, Ferdinand and Isabella (the rulers of Spain). She was born on December 16th, 1485. When she was only three years old, her and Prince Arthur (who was only two at the time) got engaged. When she was sixteen, she traveled to England and got married to Arthur on November 14th, 1501. After the wedding, they moved to Ludlow Castle and less than six months later, Arthur died. Fourteen months after his passing, Catherine and Henry VIII got engaged. When Henry became old enough to get married, his father wasn't showing interest on a Spanish alliance. After Henry VII passed away in 1509, Catherine and Henry VIII got married on June 24th, 1509. Soon after their marriage, Catherine found out she was pregnant. Her first child was a still born. After that disappointing occurrence, she became pregnant with Prince Henry who died weeks after his birthing. After that she had another miscarriage and then a son who didn't live long. In February 1516, she gave birth to a daughter, Mary, who lived. Henry did supposedly have two mistress' at the time. He was also thinking and considering divorce and Catherine was very upset. When Anne Boleyn became pregnant, Catherine and Henry's divorce was official. Catherine had to get rid of the title of Queen and would be known as the "Princess Dowager of Wales" which she never acknowledged during the rest of her lifespan. The last few years of her life weren't very splendid for her and she died on January 7th, 1536 at Kimbolton Castle.
Mary Tudor
Born on March 18th, 1496, she was the youngest child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York to live past childhood . As she became older, she was known to be one of the most attractive women in Europe of all time. Mary got engaged to Charles V, but after delays and a secretive dealing between Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and France, the engagement was canceled by her brother. After that, Henry VIII chose another man for her, Louis XII, King of France. Mary had no say in these orders but she had fallen in love with Charles Brandon who was the Duke of Suffolk and not considered royalty. Since her brother refused to let her marry this man, she made a deal with him that if she married Louis XII and outlived him, her next marriage would be her choice. They officially got married in the fall of 1514. Louis XII passed away on New Year's Day 1515. With some time and a little difficulty between the two, Mary and Charles got married. They had three children, Henry (1515-1534), Frances (1517-1559), and Eleanor (1519-1547). Throughout her life, she was always known as the Queen of France. She passed away on June 24th, 1533.
Anne Boleyn
Anne is known for her marriage to Henry VIII. In September 1532, she became Marquess of Pembroke. She found out she was pregnant in December of 1532. In January 1533, Henry and Anne were secretly married even though his and Catherine's marriage was technically still on. Anne gave birth to Elizabeth in September of 1533. She got pregnant two more times but ended up miscarrying both. On May 2nd 1536, Anne was arrested with charges of adultery, incest, and plots to murder the King. The Queen and her brother were brought to court and they ended up both being guilty. Her execution took place on May 19th, 1536.
Elizabeth I
Born on September 7th, 1533 with parents Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, her childhood was not the easiest. Henry hoped Anne would have a boy but had Elizabeth instead. Since she was in line for the throne as an heir, a lot of people wanted to marry her. After Mary became Queen, she thought of Elizabeth as dangerous because many uprisings were made in her name. For this, Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower. She was released after a few months. After Mary died in 1558, Elizabeth became Queen of England. She was crowned this title on January 15th, 1559. Elizabeth never married and was supposedly disgusted by the thought of it. She died on March 24th, 1603. Her reign as a Tudor Monarch was the last of the Tudor Dynasty and was passed to the Stuart family.
Kathryn Howard
Kathryn is one of the many wives Henry VIII was married to. When she came to court, she was about the age of nineteen, that is when Henry first caught sight of her. Days after Henry and his fourth wife, Anne Boleyn, were no longer married, Kathryn (about 19) and Henry (49) married each other. This occurred on July 28, 1540. Less than a year after they got married, there were reports going around that Kathryn was not being loyal to Henry and was having admirers that were around her age. Since there was enough evidence to prove this, she was executed on the Tower Green on February 13, 1542.
Lady Jane Grey
Lady Jane Grey was a Tudor Monarch. Her parents being Frances Brandon (Mary Tudor's daughter) and Henry Grey. When Edward Seymour Duke started to fall ill, the Dudley's were afraid that Mary (the next heir) would become Queen and restore Catholicism. So it was changed that Lady Jane Grey would become the next Protestant heir. She became Queen on July 10th, 1553 but refused to make her husband Guildford Dudley king. After nine days of being Queen, Mary had gathered enough support to go to London and she was declared Queen Mary I. Accused of treason, Jane and her husband were sentenced to death. Mary said they could live in the Tower of London though. In January 1554, there was a rebellion to restore Jane but it failed. The execution of Jane and her husband occurred on February 12th, 1554.
November 29th
March 18th
Mary Tudor
is born.
The Tudor Rose
This flower symbolizes the Tudor dynasty. This rose is a mix between two flower designs. The center is the white rose of York and the outside is the red rose of Lancaster. This mixed design represents unity. Henry Tudor was a member of the House of Lancaster and Elizabeth of York was part of the House of York. England had entered a long Civil War called the "War of Roses" which was between the two houses. The Tudor Rose represents the merging of houses that started the Tudor reign. This unity is known as the marriage between Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.
Henry VII raids France but he agrees to take away English forces at the Treaty of Etaples and in return he gets a great amount of money.
Margaret Tudor
is born.
Margaret Tudor
Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland was born on November 28th, 1489 and was the first daughter to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Her father negotiated her marriage with James IV of Scotland, which became official by a treaty in 1502. Technically though, James IV and Margaret Tudor were fourth cousins which was prohibited for marriage. Patrick Hepburn, the Earl of Bothwell, was a stand-in for James IV for his engagement to Margaret Tudor before James VI and Margaret were married in person. After several alternative marriages, Margaret and James' wedding finally took place on August 8th 1503 at Holyrood House in Edinburgh (at the time, Margaret was 13 and James was 30). Margaret was officially crowned Queen in March of 1504. Her first pregnancy was in 1506 and she gave birth to a son named James who lived for only about a year. In 1508 she gave birth to a daughter who only lived a few hours. In early 1509, she gave birth to a child named Arthur who only lived for nine months. However, in 1512, she gave birth to a son named James who lived to adulthood. After the birth of James, Margaret became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter who died a few hours shortly. In 1513, Margaret became pregnant once again but this was the last time James IV would be the father. She gave birth to their son Arthur in April of 1514 and he was given the title "Duke of Ross." After the death of James IV, Margaret remarried in August of 1514 to Lord Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus. She then gave birth to Margaret Douglas in October 1515. Margaret Tudor fell very ill after that birth and nearly died. After she got better, her marriage went down hill from there. Angus found a mistress and was living off of Margaret's Scottish revenues. The next few years were terrible for Margaret with a bad marriage, no money, power, and little contact with her son, James. In 1524, Margaret with an alliance with the Earl of Arran ousted Albany's regency and her son (James V) was provided with his full royal authority. Angus eventually came back and took control of the King and government from 1525 to 1528 from Margaret and James when he returned. In March 1527, Margaret was finally able to get a divorce from Angus and by April she became married to Henry Stewart. Margaret's second husband got her third husband arrested because he supposedly married the Queen without approval. When James V turned sixteen he was able to get his title back as King and removed Angus and his family from power. A few years before passing, her last marriage became similar to a previous one she had. Her husband cheated and found a mistress and lived off Margaret's money. Margaret's death occurred on October 18th, 1541 at Methven Castle in Scotland.
Watch this video about Henry VIII and his six wives
Mary I
Born on February 18th, 1516, Mary ended up being the only child to Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII to survive childhood. Her life when she was younger was pretty good for this princess. However, as the years went on and no brother came into the picture, her father divorced her mother and her name was changed from "princess" to "The Lady Mary". Throughout her father's numerous marriages, she was always somehow a part of them. Around the time of her father's fifth marriage, Mary fell seriously ill and she could've died. When her father passed away and left Edward as King, he made her the next heir if Edward died without having kids. When Edward was sick and about to die, there was question if Jane Grey would take the throne instead of Mary, but there was realization that Mary was the actual Queen of England. On July 25th, 1554, Mary and Prince Philip got married and in September she ended up becoming pregnant, or so it seemed. During her due date, nothing seemed to be in Mary's body at all; this happened twice to her. After her second failed pregnancy, she became sickly ill. Mary passed away on November 16th, 1558. Mary was also known as a Tudor Monarch.
Katherine Parr
Katherine Parr is known to be Henry VIII's sixth and final wife. She was actually named after Henry's first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Katherine was first married to Edward Borough. After Edward died, she married John Neville. Katherine and Henry VIII got married on July 12th, 1543. At a time, Katherine was engrossed in the reformed faith which would make her and Henry's court opposing. Eventually Henry did forgive her though. Katherine was also very close with her three step children. In 1545, Katherine wrote a book called, "Prayers or Meditations". This was the first book to be published by an English Queen under her actual name. She also wrote another book after Henry's death called, "The Lamentation of a Sinner". After Henry died, Katherine and Thomas Seymour secretly got married but this action did cause drama. After her three marriages, Katherine became pregnant for the first time in 1548 and gave birth to a daughter named Mary. Soon after, Katherine fell ill and passed away.
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour was known as Henry VIII's third wife. Within a day of Anne Boleyn's execution, Jane and Henry got engaged. On May 30th, 1536 they got married but she never had a coronation. In early 1537, Jane got pregnant and in October, a prince was born named Edward. Two weeks after the birth, on October 24th 1537, Jane Seymour died. Jane is the only wife out of six that is buried with Henry VIII.
Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves was known as Henry VIII's fourth wife. They got married on January 6th, 1540 and it seems to be Henry was having difficulty with the marriage. After Henry and Anne decided they didn't want to be together, they got divorced. She died on July 16th, 1557.

Timeline by Casey Longstreet
Edward VI
Edward was born on October 12th, 1537 to his parents, Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. Edward was not even ten years old when his father died and he became King. He is included as a Tudor monarch as well but doesn't really compare to his father or grandfather. Since he was so young, his reigning wasn't as powerful as the older Tudor Monarchs that there were. He died on July 6th, 1553.
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