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Kakanin or Native Delicacies are integral part of the Filipi

No description

Angela Esteban

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Kakanin or Native Delicacies are integral part of the Filipi

Nacia Delicacia
Nacia Delicacia is a native delicacies business that aims to promote quality products and increase the demand for the native delicacies, equipped with innovations and diligence to attend on the customer’s tastes and preferences.
Business Profile
Business Type: Food Production
Name of the Business: Nacia Delicacia
Address: Romulo Highway, Poblacion
West, Santa Ignacia, Tarlac
Product/s: Bibingka; Suman; Latik;
Tupig; Bitso-bitso; Biko; Puto;
Maja Blanca
Abegail T. Campos
Angela S. Esteban
Veronica G. Madarang

The proprietors intended to form the business for:
The promotion onto regaining the popularity of some of the country's native delicacies.

To increase the demand in native delicacies;
To create job opportunity;
To introduce an affordable but more innovative and creative native delicacies;
To maximize the market for native delicacies;
To promote native foods in the market;
To establish successful shop and be recognized in the industry; and
To practice an excellent and enthusiastic business culture.
The business, aside from earning profit will also benefit the public especially the:
Marketing Aspect
A. Market

The market of the business will be the:
Coated Chocolate Suman
Sprinkled Bibingka
Special Latik
Maja Blanca
Competitor's Strength and Weaknesses
Nacia Delicacia SWOT Analysis
B. Marketing Strategy
Nacia Delicacia will be undergoing promotional strategies to publicize the business. The proponents will be using :

Facebook Page
Tasting Activity
Technical Analysis
A. Product Strategies
Sample Packaging
B. Pricing Strategy
C. Place Strategy
The proponents will rent a lot for the business which is located along the highway.
Renovation of the whole stall will be pushed by the proponents for better publicity and to make the ambiance more refreshing.
Physical Layout of the Business
Required Financing
Initial Investment:
Php 150, 000
Operating Schedule:
Production Interval:
8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Three times a week
The business will be:
Offering more convenient, creative and innovative products but still has the affordability in it.

It will be located at:
Romulo Highway, Poblacion West, Santa Ignacia, Tarlac for the reason of public visibility, and to gain popularity in the long run.

Government; and

Sun Plaza
Products of Nacia Delicacia
Residents of Santa Ignacia;
Passers-by, specifically the travelers and walk-ins along the location;
Students; and
Anybody of all ages who wishes to have a taste of good Filipino delicacies.
Offering products on a more comfortable and well ventilated shop.
Selling products that are more innovative and presentable.
Stuffing the products on a more environment - friendly packaging.
Longer time of service to render daily.
The location can be easily seen and is accessible for buyers.
Being a first timer in the business industry.
Possibility to have left - overs in the business’s operation can cause loss in
Desire of customers for new innovations about native foods.
The increase in demand can be a reason for expansion.
Accessibility of the location, the physical feature of the business and the
Competitors have already established a name on the market.
Changing taste and preferences of the customers.
Nacia Delicacia will be selling native delicacies which consists of:

maja blanca;
tupig; and
bitso - bitso

The products will be cooked by the hired personnel and will be stuffed on customized boxes and paper bags instead of the usual plastic or Styrofoam packaging.

For per piece or by batch orders
For per bulk orders
Outside view
Inside View
Floor Plan
Machineries and Equipments
Office, Cleaning and Sanitary Expense
Other Supplies Expense
Raw Materials (Beg. Inventory)
Utilities Expense
Rent Expense
Projected COGS
Projected Sales
Organizational & Management Study
A. Form of Ownership
Nacia Delicacia is a partnership type of business which will be manned buy the proponents who will equally share on the capital needed to form the business.
Organizational Structure
Salaries Expense
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