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Battle of Guilford Courthouse

info about the Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Jonathan Burch

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Guilford Courthouse

By: Jonathan Burch General Information The"Race to the Dan" The Battle The Aftermath Fought in Greensboro, NC on March 15, 1781
Major General Nathanel Greene commanded the patriots
Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis commanded the British
British had 1,900 men against 4,400 Patriots
264 Patriots died/wounded
506 British died/wounded The British has easily taken over Georgia and south Carolina
After the Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina the British general was determined to destroy General Greene's army
General Cornwallis chased General Greene's army to the Dan river
General Greene manged to escaped across the flooded Dan river The battle lasted only 90 min.
British was awarded the victory even though they lose 25% of there men
General Cornwallis Stop trying to capture the Carolinas hoping to have better luck in Virgina
About 6 months later General Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington
General Greene started to push down to Charleston, SC
1 year later General Greene gain controll over the southern states Battle of Guilford Courthouse Leading to the Battle After Greenes Escape General Cornwallis established camp at Hillsborough, NC
General Cornwallis was attempting to gather supplies since much was lost during the Battle of Cowpens
General Greene got 3,000 Virginia Militia reinforcements to add to his 1,400 militia General Greene's Setup 3 lines of men
Front row consisted of his militia men
Second and third row consisted of his reinforcements
Each row was about 200 yards apart
General Greene had 2 Sharpshooters behind each row to shoot anyone who left their post General Cornwallis's Actions General Cornwallis noticed his setup and attack the first line from the West
His army made it through both the 1st and 2nd lines losing a lot of men
He attacked the third line capturing General Greene's artillery first
A lot of General Cornwallis's men were killed by friendly fire Citations "Battle of Guilford Courthouse." Wikipedia. N.p., 27 2012. Web. 8 Jan 2013.
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