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wEB-muTiny Inc.


Aiswaria Nair

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of wEB-muTiny Inc.

Our strategy for outreach
What do we do ?
Customer Discovery
Competitive Differentiation

Software-only solution

Our services complement techniques already deployed to provide higher data rates

Not many end user WAN optimization solutions
Target Market
Thank you!
Questions / comments ?
Abhishek Naik
Aiswaria Nair
Anish Achuthan
Rahul Shridhar
Santosh Prabhu
Group Members
Based on
A3: Application aware Acceleration
Original authors
Zhenyun Zhuang and Tae-Young Chang
GNAN Research Group, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
Raghupathy Sivakumar and Aravind Velayutham
Asankya Networks, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Business value
Market Opportunity
Potential markets
Target markets
WAN optimization
Problems addressed
Current solutions
What is it ?
How ?
Minimum Viable Product
Pricing Model
Enterprise solutions
Healthcare sector
End users
What do the numbers say?
Statistics reflect the colossal losses incurred every year
$5 billion
5000 hospitals in the U.S.
Around $1mn lost each year by each hospital
This revenue could be directed towards much better causes
© The Economic and Productivity Impact of
IT Security on Healthcare, Ponemon Institute, May 2013

Web accelerators
WAN Optimization solutions
Wireless specific protocols
-Inability to attain promised maximum speeds
- Dismal application performance
Health On the Go:
Faster retrieval of patient case studies on the basis of entered keywords
Customized views of patient records
per personnel
A central repository allowing health-care providers to store, view and share patient medical images expeditiously over the network
Video conferencing capabilities to connect with doctors across geographical boundaries in a seamless manner
Almost a 100% of survey respondents expected a database system to access patient data

89% of doctors use smartphones to primarily communicate with their staff

"I'd want to interact with my colleagues who are several miles away for expert opinions and consultation."
-Dr. Bharati, MD
Freemium model: Free service for the first 2 months with lower optimization of data rates along with a limited-functionality version of the product
Before charging the client, we run an analysis of the economic losses incurred per year. The 1 Year subscription price depends on the number of users availing the service and the saved revenue.
On an average, $50 per user per annum
Aiswaria Nair--Ideator/Architect
Abhishek Naik--Evangelist
Anish Achuthan--Financial Head
Rahul Shridhar --Lead Developer
Santosh Prabhu--The Techie
In an increasingly mobile work environment, where everyone wants to work 'On the Go', we can leverage the network performance and save your organization upto nearly $2000 a month with minimal capital expenditure (CapEx)
Expansion plan
Milestone One: Expand the customer base. Aim at breaking even in a short time span
Milestone Two: Venture out into other arenas which demand accelerated speeds and improved performance which contributes to redefined User experience
Live jamming,
Interactive gaming
Context aware services
Faster video streaming
using Youtube, Netflix
Key design principles
Other applications work faster too!
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