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Matt Trabucco

on 8 January 2018

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Be creative
& have fun
But use your time wisely!
This project is worth 30% of your
final mark!
You will first showcase your portraits.

You will upload 5 photos that represent the 5 types of studio lighting you learned in class.

In your Prezi, you must show your photos... maybe something like this...
For part 2, you will showcase your Joiner Photography Image in your Prezi.

You will accompany your photo with a critique of your work.
Next, you will showcase what you believe are your 5 best photos that you have taken this semester. These photos can be from any assignment.

Have your 5 images in Prezi as well as a critique for your favourite one.
Part 1: Your Portraits
Part 2:
Joiner Photography
Part 3: Creative Photography
Your Prezi will showcase your best work that you have done in class.

All aspects of your culminating will be done in your Prezi. Your photos and written work will be marked from your Prezi.

Let's walk through the culminating expectations.
Joe Shmo
Critique for Joe Shmo
You must then have a critique for your 1st portrait photo.

Your critique should be well written, full of meaning and thought. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors.
Jane Doe
Critique for Jane Doe
You must then have a critique for your 2nd portrait photo.

Your critique should be well written, full of meaning and thought. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors.
Joiner Photography Critique
Here, you will include your critique of your work.

It should be well written and thoughtful. Be sure to explain what you like/dislike about your finished product, and mention what you would do differently if you did it again.
Creative Photo Critique
Here you would critique your favourite creative photo.
Part 4: Magazine Cover Assignment
Next, include your Magazine Cover Assignment.

Magazine Cover
Include a critique of your magazine cover.
Part 5: Macro Photography
Part 5 of your culminating assignment will involve you taking a photo of an object up close - what is known as Macro Photography.

Here are some examples:
Part 5: Macro Photography
Plan, select and prepare the product(s) that you wish to photograph
Determine camera distance and angles
Determine the best lighting for your product and set this up
Shoot a lot of photos from many different angles (landscape/portrait orientation)
Review your photos and select your best Macro photo to include in your Prezi
And one more thing...
Thinking back over the semester, answer the following questions:

1. What are three concrete examples of things that you have learned from this course? Be specific.

2. What would you consider to be the most successful assignment you completed this semester? (not based on marks, but your personal opinion) Why?

3. What assignment did you find the most difficult to complete? Why?

4. What would you change about this course? (Think of the types of assignments, the amount of time you had to complete assignments, the amount of independent work etc)

Start off by creating your name using photos from the Alphabet Assignment.

You will use this as a title for your culminating activity Prezi.
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