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more of my favorite warrior cats

these are the warrior cats that I like but didn't get to put in the previous prezi.

Emma Locknane

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of more of my favorite warrior cats

More of my favorite warrior cats These are just more of my
favorite warrior cats. The very top of the tree is Scourge. To the left of him is Darkstripe. Then, on the far right is Ravenpaw. There is more warrior cats that I like that will have to go on another prezi. Darkstripe Scourge Ravenpaw's fear Ravenpaw Ravenpaw's new home Ravenpaw knew something about Tigerclaw that Tigerclaw did not apparently like. Ravenpaw had to leave his clan because Tigerclaw wanted to get rid of him. Ravenpaw is Tigerclaw's apprentice. He is actually scared of Tigerclaw. Ravenpaw now lives on a farm with a cat that is not in a clan. His name is Barley. Barley is a loner. (Like I said, read the Warrior cat books and you will know what a loner is.) This is Scourge He is in the warrior cat book Rise Of Scourge. That book is actually a manga. Scourge I like Scourge a lot. I don't know why. Scourge There is a lot of videos on Youtube about him Scourge's collar Scourge's collar actually has dog teeth Darkstripe's friends Darkstripe Darkstripe is in Thunderclan. (That is in the warrior cat books. Read them and you will know what I am talking about. Darkstripe's dislike Darkstripe does not like Fireheart/Firestar
(down below.) Darkstripe's two friends are Longtail and Tigerclaw who are in the previous prezi. Ravenpaw Ravenpaw's best friends are Firepaw
and Graypaw/Graystripe. Scourge is leader of Bloodclan. ( I have no idea why it is called that!) His deputy is bone.
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