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No description

Gabriel Rocha

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of LAS VEGAS

The Stratosphere
Variety Show
Grand Canyon
When we got to the Grand Canyon, we marvelled over its beauty and size. Before the trip, we had reserved ourselves an air and ground tour of the Grand Canyon, and its surroundings.

The tour consisted of a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, Eagle Point, and Guano Point, and a walking tour, with a guide telling us about the history and the foundation of the Grand Canyon. As we were passing by the Hoover Dam, we realized how awesome this place really is. While we were walking we learn that the Grand Canyon is over 5 million years old formed by geological changes like erosion and, stream piracy. This experience had us all in awe, while looking at the incredible geological wonder.

When we checked in we saw that our hotel room had lots of space. I was the odd man out, and was forced to sleep on the couch. The first thing we did was hop in the pool. We were all very tired from sitting on the plane for many hours, we had jetlag. We enjoyed our time in the warm outside, inside a pool. We laughed at all the others who were feeling very cold right now, in Montreal near mid-October.

Later on during the week during our free time, we’d go up the Stratosphere at the lookout. There are also four terrorising attractions at the top, three rides that hang you over the edge, The XScream, Insanity the Ride, The Big Shot, and Las Vegas Skyjump. The scariest one for me was all of them because all of them are insane. I was the only one who didn’t complete all of them because I’m the only who is afraid of heights, speed, and by the way my buddies are acting, I’m also the only one afraid of death. Either way, everyone enjoyed their time at the Stratosphere.

Criss Angel - Believe
• Audience filled to maximum capacity, very surprising.
• Never seen anything like it!
• Woman gets head separated from body like its magic!
• Criss Angel escapes from water
• Gabriel became part of one of the acts
• Criss is a real magician no doubt about it!

V, The Ultimate Variety Show Includes:
Top Selection Of Variety Acts From Around The World
Comedy, Physical Acts, Juggling, Magic, and More!
Fun For All Ages
Choice Of 2 Show Times
Choice Of VIP or general seating with or without dinner.
Interactions With the Audience!
- Left Montreal @ 4:30 PM
- 8 hour flight
- Arrived in Las Vegas @ 10:20 PM
- Long flight caused by layovers & different timezones
Flight to Vegas
The Stratosphere
Food & Dining
5 Star Restaurant
Stores included:
- Town Square
- Michael Kors
- Calvin Klein
- Banana Republic
- Many, many more
Gambling & Casinos
Las Vegas Club Casino
- 18th East Fremont Street
- 20 minute drive from airport
Cirque du Soleil - Mystere
- Great reviews
- Spectacular
- Funny
- Amazing tricks & stunts
- Beautiful costumes, decorations & music
- Worth every penny spent!
Flight to Montreal
- Left Vegas at 11:40 PM
- Arrived in MTL @ 9:05 AM
- Just in time for school!
Presented by Matthew C., Lucas C., Adriano C., Gabriel R., & Olivier N.,
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