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7th Grade Chapter 3 Lesson 1

No description

erik carlson

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of 7th Grade Chapter 3 Lesson 1

The English Plan Colonies
Religious and political rivalries with Spain
Market for English exports
Source of raw materials
"Plant the Protestant faith"
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Lesson Objectives
Describe early English attempts at colonizing
Explain financing of a colony
Summarize how Jamestown was founded and grew
Analyze the conflicts of the Jamestown colony
Two Early Colonies Fail
Roanoke, Virginia (relied on Native Americans) everyone disappeared
Maine (English convicts)
Financing a Colony
Roanoke lesson (one person could not finance a colony)
Joint-stock company (investors)
Merchants organized the Virginia Company and King James I granted a charter.
7th Grade Chapter 3 Lesson 1
Jamestown Founded in 1607
First permanent English settlement (more than 100 colonists)
Bad land/bad weather/where is the gold?
A year later only 38 remained
More colonists (Powhatan stopped trading and attacked)
John Rolfe (tobacco)
Virginia Company gave land to people to grow tobacco
Indentured servants
John Smith "He that will not work shall not eat."
Powhatan tribe help
Conflicts w/Powhatans and the Governor
More colonists wanted more land.
Rolfe married Pocahontas (improved relationships, temporarily)
Tobacco plantations grew and angered the Powhatans
Bacon's Rebellion
Bacon and other landless English colonists complained about taxes and favoritism.
Burned Jamestown
Bacon's followers all hanged
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