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6th SB 3.2 and 3.3

No description

Amanda Vickers

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of 6th SB 3.2 and 3.3

Activity 3.3

Activity 3.2
Walter Dean Meyers
This is a memoir of his life.
Max's Appearance
Max's Actions
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
What Max Says
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
In your composition books, look over all of the changes and determine which ones you had control of (Voluntary) and which ones you had NO control of (Involuntary).
Create a T-chart and list as many Voluntary and Involuntary changes as possible.
Turn to your shoulder partner and share your changes with each other

Determine the following:
1) Are the changes really in the correct column.
2) Do you share any changes?
3) If your partner has a change that you have gone through, but haven't listed then copy it to add to your list.
In your composition books:
Choose one of your VOLUNTARY changes.
Now as you write, skipping a line between so that it is Double Spaced, explain what the change is, why you made the change, and the effect that it had on you.
Now, reread your quickwrite and check for parallel structure.
Walter needed to fill his life with activity. He also needed to fill it with talking and with dreaming.

The lizard has yellow eyes and black teeth. It also has a white tongue.
parallel structure
- arranging words, phrases, and clauses in a series using the same grammatical structure to show that items are equally important
Walter needed to fill his life with activity, talking, and dreaming.

The lizard has yellow eyes, black teeth, and a white tongue.
Character Presented in a Film Clip
This includes :
1) The character's appearance.
2) The character's actions.
3) What the character says.
4) What others say about the character.
We will be looking at the elements of characterization.
When the camera is looking through Max's eyes that is subjective camera view. What literary point of view is that?

When the camera is someone else looking at Max that is objective camera view. What literary point of view is that?
Did you notice how the camera at times seemed to be looking through Max's eyes, and at other times it seemed to be someone else looking at Max?
Film Clips
Complete the chart I gave you as you watch the clips.
Vocabulary Notebook
We are reading...
Changes: Voluntary and Involuntary
Now go back through your writing. Read a sentence, then underneath it write something more to elaborate the sentence. After you are done with this sentence you will go to the next sentence and do the same thing.
What do you notice?

Carrie loved swimming, running, and playing tennis.

Every day, John walked in the door, threw his backpack on the chair, and opened the refrigerator.

His eyes were swollen shut, his face was red and puffy, and his nose was lopsided.
We will be using a clip from the film "The Mighty," which is based on the novel "Freak the Mighty" by Rodman Philbrick.
Subjective camera view is first person point of view.
Objective camera view is third person point of view.
School Hallway:
big, not happy, looking down, big clothes, headphones
The Street: Grim and Gram:
closes the curtain
School Hallway:
walking down the middle of the hall alone
Sidewalk Bus Stop:
walking slowly with head down, tries to sit on bench
looks ahead and tries to ignore Blade, looks at Blade when father is mentioned, stops the bus to get off
The Street: Grim and Gram
We'll be gentle to the weak, but terrible to the wicked.
It was Freak that told me everything.
Grandparents got stuck with me.

School Hallway
When you look like Godzilla, you're going to get the looks and whispers.

Sidewalk Bus Stop
It seems like everyone had just seen me on America's Most Wanted.
Dog house boys like to make trouble.
What Others Say About Max
Sidewalk Bus Stop
Get away.
Leave me alone.

Missing link with headphones.
You're a freak of nature.
Killer Kane got no brain.
What part of the first scene are you seeing from Max's point of view?
How do you know?
Is this a subjective or objective camera point of view?
What part of the school hallway scene is a subjective camera point of view (first person), and what part is an objective camera point of view (third person)?
Define subjective camera point of view and objective point of view based on what your class has discussed about the opening scenes.
The following sentence pattern uses parallel structure to help you state what you think Max's attitude is about himself.
Fill in the sentence.
Write a sentence that describes how others think of Max. Use vivid adjectives and parallel structure in your sentence.
Using this graphic organizer style analyze the following vocabulary words.
literary analysis
personal letter
Battle of the Bulge
speech therapy
sign (omen)
Louis Sachar
Changes in Self-Perception
Embedded Assessment 3.1

You need to
write two letters

about a problem or event in Holes
Write one

from the point of view of an adult

from one of the boys that isn’t Stanley
. Write as if you are that character. Then
write a reflective piece

about the difference in point of view and word choice in each letter
1) One event
2) Two letters
Camper Stanley
3) Reflection on the differences between the two letters.
Involuntary Changes
(no control)
Voluntary Changes
(some control)
a method to expand your ideas
involves rereading what you have written and highlighting the best sentence or a sentence you can say more about.
I chose to change my diet and stop eating candy bars.

I made the change because I had three cavities.
I hope I won't have any more cavities.
I never had cavities before, and it scared me. The dentist numbed my mouth with a shot. I really didn't like that. The sound of the drill scared me
because it sounded like my dad's chain saw. I've seen what that can do to wood, so I had terrible thoughts about what was happening to my teeth.
Practice - Combine the ideas in the following sentences using parallel structure

1. Walter needed to fill his life with activity. He also needed to fill it with talking and dreaming.

2. The lizard has yellow eyes and black teeth. It also has a white tongue.
Make a prediction about Max Kane.
Max's appearance, his actions, and his comments about himself show that he is ______________________, ____________________, and _____________________.
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