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Ton Schulten

No description

Arthur Wong

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Ton Schulten

- his work was extremely successful

- it made him a lot of money

- however, many criticize his work for being "lightweight"
- Schulten's art is on display in his own gallery

- there is also a Ton Schulten museum, opening in 1997

- both of these are in Ootmarsum
More Style
- Schulten likes to paint landscape using shapes and colors

- some of his paintings are simply shapes
- Schulten was born in Ootmarsum, Netherlands

- he graduated from art school

- he worked in the advertising business as a graphic designer

- he was involved in a car accident that put him in a coma
Ton Schulten
Picture of Ton Schulten
Abstract Art
- ever since the car accident, Schulten's style of art changed

- he began to explore abstract art

- he painted scenes in his style of abstract art
Comparison between Schulten's artwork before and after the car accident
- Schulten primarily uses oil pastels in his paintings
- he sticks to a color scheme
Picture of Museum Ton Schulten
Even more style
- later on, his style of art was given a new name: concensism

- this name was given to his paintings by German art critic Harmut Rau

- some people tried to copy his Schulten's style but he sued them
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My Portfolio
Arthur Wong
Comments (what I would actually say)

Slide 1: this is my presentation on Ton Schulten

Slide 2: Life
Schulten was born in a small town called Ootmarsum in Netherlands, graduyating from art school. At first, he worked as a graphic designer in the advertising business, but soon was involved in a car accident that put him and his wife in a coma and killing his good friend and business partner.

Slide 3: Picture of Ton Schulten
This is a picture of Ton Schulten and his dog, Ginger.

Slide 4: abstract art
After the car accident, Schulten gave up the advertising business and began to explore abstract art, and painted many scenes in his style.

Slide 5: Style
Schulten mainly uses oil pastels in his artwork, and generally picks a color scheme and sticks with it. You can see huge contrast in his painting when it comes to color.

Slide 6: Picture
This is a piece of cloth knit with a piece of Schulten’s artwork on it. Notice the contrast between the red on the bottom and the gray background.

Slide 7: Comparison
Here we can see the way Schulten’s artwork has been affected by his car accident.

Slide 8: More Style
Schulten often paints landscape in his style with many different shapes and colors. Some of his paintings, however, aren’t even landscape, but rather a series of seemingly random shapes. On the right here is Schulten’s picture of two sailboats in the forest.

Slide 9: effect
Schulten’s work was extremely successful, and made a lot of money. He is often claimed to be the most successful Dutch contemporary artist. However, many people criticize his work for being “lightweight” and “simple”.

Slide 10: Artwork
Schulten’s work is on display in his hometown Ootmarsum in his own gallery and the Museum Ton Schulten.
Slide 11: Picture of Museum Ton Schulten
This is a picture of Museum Ton Schulten. The building was designed by a famous Dutch architect.

Slide 12: even more style
His art was later given a name by German art critic Harmut Rau: concensism. Some businessmen and artist tried to copy his style of concensism but Schulten sued them and won.

Slide 13: personality
Schulten is a joyful, optimistic person, and had huge hopes for life even after the car accident. He says that his goal is to "bring people joy, love, and peace, and show them harmony." Quote from Ton Schulten.

Slide 13: My Portfolio
Here is a picture of the finish produce of my portfolio. Schulten uses very dull colors here, with a few shapes in bright yellow and red, which stand out to attention.

Slide 14: works cited
These are my sources.

Slide 15: End
Thanks for listening to my presentation.

- Schulten is generally a happy, joyful person, even in midst of hardship

- "My goal is to bring people joy, peace, and love." ~Schulten
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