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coal mining

No description

Woojae Kim

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of coal mining

Coal Different types of coal mining strategies today When the coal seam is less than 80 meters under the surface. The miners must remove the soil and rocks that cover the coal. After the coal has been dug out the soil and rocks are put back. Room and Pillar mining Longwall mining Underground Mining Background information of coal mining Stone Age 1880 1842 Surface mining
(strip, open-cast, mountain top mining) When the coal seam is too deep for surface mining. (deep mining) In the coal seam, rooms are made as the coal is being taken away. Thick pillars of coal are left behind to hold up the roof from collapsing and from land to subside. Only about half of the coal gets mined. Machine mines the coal and holds up the roof. When the machine moves forward the roof is allowed to collapse. Most of the coal gets mined. Coal was first collected
and used. Children and women were banned from working underground Machines that cut coal were invented Sometimes explosives are used to remove the hard rocks and soil The negative effects of coal mining The positive effects of coal mining Provides coal for everybody

People can get jobs More people can use
renewable resources Can cause water pollution Waste rocks from underground pile up on the surface Very dangerous for the miners that mine coal Can release a lot of greenhouse gases that can cause air pollution Underground mining can cause land to subside as mines collapse and cause serious damage to houses Mining Thanks for listening to my presentation! Can cause dust and noise pollution
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