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7 Types of Pathogens

No description

Kaitlin Cave

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of 7 Types of Pathogens

strand of genetic material in a protein coat
can not move or reproduce on its own
hijacks hosts cells and uses them to reproduce
causes diseases like the common cold, flu, HIV, and AIDs
multi-celled, plant like organism
can not make its own food
live on dead and living things
some can produce spores, while others are helpful
includes molds, mildews, and yeast
cause diseases like ringworm and athletes foot
simple, single-celled organism
rigid cell walls
shapes: rods spheres, and spirals
many bacteria are beneficial
some cause disease such as pink eye, strep, TB, and food poisoning
visible to the human eye
burrow in hosts blood supply
similar to bacteria
spread by blood sucking animals and insects like ticks, fleas, lice, and mites
cause diseases like rocky mountain spotted fever
single-celled, animal like organism
live in or on a living body
thrive in moist environments
cause some diseases such as malaria
protein particles that are not visible
highly resistant to destruction
cause brain diseases like BSE and Jakob disease
7 Types of Pathogens
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