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van Hilst Back to School Night

Presentation to parents about second grade at Wolftrap E.S.

Stephanie Burdett

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of van Hilst Back to School Night

Back to School Night at Wolftrap
Stepping into Second Grade!
Welcome to Back to School Night!
Thursday, September 15, 2016
Wolftrap Elementary School
Second Grade
Snacks and Food
Large block of time in the morning
Encompasses reading, writing, oral language and spelling
Second Grade teachers use a combination of Guided Reading and Daily Five structures for teaching Reading and Writing
Students spend time every day reading and completing authentic writing tasks.
Language Arts
A Typical Day in Second Grade
8:30 Students arrive, unpack and begin early bird activity
8:40 Announcements start, followed by Morning Meeting
8:50 Language Arts Block begins - Writing and Reading Workshop
10:45 Wolfie Time
11:15 Recess
11:35 Lunch
12:05 Specials
1:05 Math
2:05 Science or Social Studies
3:00 Closing/Pack and Stack
3:15 Dismissal begins
Health is integrated into Guidance Lessons, the L.A. block and science block as appropriate.
There is a one hour specials block every day Monday through Friday. Students participate in Music, P.E., Art, Library and Chinese during this time. Refer to the handout titled "Welcome to Back to School Night!" for days and times for each special.
Reading Curriculum
Focus lessons to teach strategies that help students to better understand what they are reading.
First Quarter: Connections, Questioning
Second Quarter: Visualizing
Third Quarter: Inferring, Key Ideas
Fourth Quarter: Synthesizing
Guided Reading Groups
Flexible groups that work on specific reading strategies, such as decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary.
Independent Reading
Reading with "good fit books" for your child.
Reading At Home
Twenty minutes or more a night!
Writing Curriculum
Writing for a variety of purposes
responses to reading
fiction writing
letter writing
research and non-fiction writing
Writing Workshop
revise (content)
edit (conventions)
Oral Language Curriculum
Skills to Develop
speaking in tones that are appropriate for the group and purpose
using correct vocabulary and grammar when speaking
making eye contact with the audience
thinking before sharing orally
Activities to guide and assess
sharing projects and speeches
group work
participation in classroom discussions
Spelling Curriculum
Words Their Way
Each Unit of Study is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and the FCPS Program of Studies for Second Grade.
Concepts Covered
1st Quarter:
Two Digit Number concepts
Addition & Subtraction Facts
2nd Quarter:
Addition & Subtraction to 50
Fractions Pt. 1
3rd Quarter:
Three Digit Number Concepts
Addition & Subtraction to 99
4th Quarter
Fractions Pt. 2
Data & Graphing
Pretests are given at the beginning of each unit. We let students know that this is for us to see what they already understand. This allows us to
for each unit.
Typically four days per week students rotate through small group instruction and independent activities and practice.
Social Studies
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Native Americans
Geo. & Econ.
Third Quarter
European Exploration
Geo. & Econ.
Fourth Quarter
Geo. & Econ.
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
Introduction to Weather
Floods and Drought
Monarchs and Milkweed
Monarchs and Milkweed
Sent Home Monday - Due Back Friday
Weekly Reading
Students are expected to read every night.
One reading response to be written over the week related to a self-selected book.
Independent practice of a skill learned in class the week before.
Online Activity
skill practice or a short video
easy to find on blackboard
QR codes
Helping is good! Doing is not.
Feel free to e-mail us with feedback on how your child did with their homework.
Don't feel you need to correct every mistake.
Check Blackboard 24/7 for homework papers, websites for practice and enrichment projects.
We're a team!!
By request - a sign-up will be linked on Blackboard
Best way to reach us overall.
Red Folder
Notes, money, transportation changes
Writing Journals - "My Letters Home"
Letters home to parents each Friday
FCPS uses a Standards Based Report Card.
Assessment and Grading
For more information about the Progress Report, simply go to www.fcps.edu and use the search box to search the term
"elementary progress report."
Meeting Your Child's Needs
Based on observation and assessment
Flexible math and reading groups
Individualized spelling
Individual, small group and whole class instruction
Resource personnel – speech, special education, reading specialist, guidance, enrichment specialist, and Instructional Assistants
Critical and Creative Thinking Lessons
Building Character at Wolftrap
“Wolfie” notes
Punch Cards
Individualized Plans
Lots of Verbal Recognition
Take a moment to read your child's message to you, and write a reply on the other side. Take a look at the work they have been doing in their purple social studies folder and their "Brain Closet!"
Thank you so much for coming! It's going to be a great year!
Spelling Inventory helps us to form groups.
Each Monday
A new sort is introduced and the spelling pattern is taught.
At school
Students will practice their words and patterns daily with materials in the classroom.
At home
Students will practice their words during the week using a chart of activities.
Contact Information
Math Practice
Refer to the information sheet.
Mrs. van Hilst
Word Study
Suggested activities will be provided.
Tested on words each Friday.
Weekly skill practice on DreamBox
Thank you so much for coming!
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