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advantages and disadvantages of technology in sport

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Aaron Harrott

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of advantages and disadvantages of technology in sport

Advantages and Disadvantages of technology in Cricket
Advantages of technology in Cricket
Technology improves performance and efficiency in Cricket
In Cricket technology has helped to improve performance. This is because technology has helped to make a better cricket bat which hits the ball cleaner and more effectively. The bats are also lighter so that the batter can swing the bat harder. This have increased the chances of batters getting boundaries, it has also reduced the amount of bats which snap in a game which is more efficient. For example, there is now less chance of a bat snapping in cricket.
advantages and disadvantages of technology in Cricket
More people can participate and compete
Technology has had a major positive impact on cricket by making prosthetic limbs, wheel chain and more more things to allow disabled lovers of the game participate. This is good because there are more people getting exercise. For example, wheel chair cricket and disabled cricket is now a game because of technology making the correct wheelchairs and the correct prosthetic limbs.
It eliminates human error
In cricket they use a third umpire and hawk eye to eliminate human error. This makes the game more realistic and makes most of the decisions correct. For example with out third umpire and hawk eye there was to many incorrect game changing decisions. It also makes it more tense ans entertaining for the public.
Public entertainment
Technology has made cricket more entertaining to the public. This has been done by things introduced like slow motion replay. This makes cricket more entertaining because you can see the good shoot in slow motion which makes the shoot look much better. It is also easier for people to copy watching it in slow motion replay which well keep younger people watching.
Injury prevention
In cricket, technology has been useful to prevent injuries. This is because technology has found new things to prevent injuries. This is for example using a Ice bath. Ice baths are used after a game to speed recovery and therefore prevent injuries.
Disadvantages of technology in cricket
Review system
Some people may think that the review system in cricket is a disadvantage. This is because its is not 100% accurate. It also is very time consuming which takes up playing time. This annoys people because millions have been put into the review systems but obvious mistakes ate still made. For example in cricket obvious decisions are still being got wrong.
Technology has created more ways to cheat. This is bad because it gives teams or individuals an unfair advantage. For example in cricket players may use drugs to bowl the ball faster and with more aggressions or to hit the ball harder and further. In cricket bowlers can cheat by changing the ball which makes it move in different directions. Bowlers have also bowled no balls on certain deliveries to get money for themselves instead of focusing on winning the game for there team which is unfair.
More cheats
Referee loses power
The referee losing power is a massive negative in technology cricket. This is because players may lose respect for the referee if he is constantly being proven wrong. Some people may also think that the referee should be aloud to make all the decisions. this is because it is faster and gives people a talking point about the sport. An example of a referee losing power in cricket is when the review system is used and the referees decision is over turned.
Another problem that people have with technology in cricket is the cost of it.
It cost load of money and some people feel that it is wasted money because it is still not 100% accurate. It would cost around at least £500,000 to have all the technology equipment needed now in cricket. Some people think this is far to much to pay when an umpire can do the job to be best of his ability.
Only available at higher level sports
A lot of lower level cricket players can't have these kind of technologies because there are not easy to get and they are very expensive. This is unfair on lower level sports because there decision making cant be as good as what they want it to be. Lower level cricketers may feel that if they cant have these technologies then no one should. Not having these technologies may also increase the amount of cheating in sports as they have no technologies that can catch them out. Lower level sports don't have hawk eye, third umpire, ice baths and many more things.
Opportunities to improve cricket through Technology
Open and closing roofs, this would help cricket because the weather can stop a game which upsets many fans. If the weather is bad then they could close the roof to prevent the surface getting wet. This is good because it would keep the game flowing and keep the fans entertained.
Sensors on crease line, this would help cricket loads because there is always discussion on weather the batter was in or out so if there was sensors then everyone would know straight away. This is good because it speeds up the game and makes the decisions correct more often.
Lighter and safer protective equipment, this would be good because the players would be safer which would decrease the amount of injuries. The equipment being lighter would make is better for the players because they could move easier and quicker. This would make the game more entertaining because the players are faster therefore better competitors.
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