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Using Evidence in a Literature Response

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leighann cordero

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Using Evidence in a Literature Response

Evidence Makes you Strong! It tells me that you know your stuff!
There are a few easy steps to follow when using Evidence to make your case! For this writing piece, using evidence will help to prove that your character really does demonstrate the theme of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!

Citing is using evidence from your text in your writing.
Why do I need Evidence?
Step 2
Add your evidence as support in your sentence.

Best Evidence
As soon as the battle ended, Aslan punished the children, especially Edmund by freezing them as statues for ever.
page 1492

Use the evidence in a sentence. Use one of these phrases to tell where you found the evidence.
-In the story...
-In the text...
-The narrator told us that...
In the story
Aslan punishes the children harshly. On page 1492 he "freezes them as statues forever."
You Try it with a partner
Possible Pieces of Evidence for Aslan representing Evil:

"Mr. Tumnus cried when he saw Aslan break Peter's sword in half, he knew that they had lost the battle"
page 1

"Lucy knew in her heart that Aslan would never let them escape Narnia because his heart was as cold as ice.

Remember use the sentence starters!
Step 1
Pick the Best Evidence!

Right now you have a few great pieces of evidence, you have to pick the best ones to use in your essay! In this essay I want to prove that Aslan is really very Evil and represents that part of the book's theme.

Aslan growled at Lucy and Susan, "Leave me alone. I don't want your help"
page 1,000

As soon as the battle ended, Aslan punished the children, especially Edmund by freezing them as statues for ever.
page 1492
Combining Evidence with Your words
Using Evidence in a Literature Response
You Try it on your own!
Evil always wins

My best evidence:

"Aslan cackled like an evil witch as he tore down the thrones at Cair Paravel. His mission was complete, the children would not fulfill the prophecy." page 2

"Lucy wondered why the large beast kept offering her Turkish Delight. Maybe it was Aslan's favorite candy, or maybe it was cursed with magic, she thought."
page 102
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