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Plot & Setting Jeopardy-The Most Dangerous Game

Study Guide created by Annie Mewborn

Annie Mewborn

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Plot & Setting Jeopardy-The Most Dangerous Game

Plot &



When and where the story takes place.
Hint at what is about to happen
What is
What is setting?
Clash or struggle between opposing characters or forces.
What is conflict?
What is imprudent?
Rainsford and Whitney are hunting these in Rio?
What are jaguar?
in the story.
Who is Rainsford?
Introduces the characters, setting, and conflict
What is exposition?
Events where any remaining issues are resolved
What is resolution?
Chain of events that takes place leading to th climax
What is rising action?
Point of highest tension within a story.
What is climax?
Series of events in a story
What is plot?
Rainsford struggles not to lose his nerve
What is man vs. self ?
What is surmounted?
Reason Gen. Zaroff invents "the most dangerous game"?
What is he was bored?
"The largest man Rainsford had ever seen..."
Who is Ivan?
Events that happened before or in the past
What is flashback?
Katniss rebels against The Capitol
What is man vs. society?
Moving into the distance
What is receding?
Rainsford spent the first night of his hunt here?
What is in a tree?
He believed that animals understood fear.
Who is Whitney?
Atmosphere, affecting the way reader feels
What is mood?
Rainsford and the quicksand at Death Swamp
What is man vs. nature?
Without exception
What is invariably?
How Rainsford escapes Zaroff?
What is jump into the sea?
The "finest hound in Zaroff's pack."
Who is Lazarus?
Creating anxiety, worry, or fear
What is suspense?
Rainsford and Gen. Zaroff's final duel
What is man vs. man?
Removing suspicion or fear
What is disarming?
Rainsford creates this and injures Zaroff
What is a Malay man-catcher?
"That tough-minded old Swede." (p. 20)
Who is Captain Nielsen? (p.20)
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