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eCybermission Challenge: PSYentists

Slave work

Jesse Siu

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of eCybermission Challenge: PSYentists

What is Casein? Analysis Contributions to Society Conclusion Graphs The hypothesis was not supported
Casein is not an addictive ingredient
Could not specifically track participants' diets
Casein should be taken in moderation
How to measure amount of casein Created by: Mahima Chander
Diego Loureiro
Jesse Siu
Noureen Virani Milk protein found in processed foods
Used for "body building"
Found in dairy products
High intake...higher risk for diabetes
Also found as cause for autism
Slow digesting protein The Battle of Casein Survey given to forty people
Taken anonymously
Based on weight, age, diet, gender
Calculates consumption of casein products weekly Consultation with Dr. Farida Nazarally Relationship between Gender and Casein Intake Relationship between Age and Casein Intake Weekly Relationship between Weight and Casein Intake Weekly Females had higher casein intake Teenagers had highest intake of casein Participants with weight of 71-110 lbs.
Had the highest casein intake Specializes in internal medicine
Attended John Hopkins University
Had background information on casein eCybermission Challenge
Group name: PSYentists Learn to control diet early
Understand risks of over consuming
Prevent diseases such as diabetes
Can be used for bodybuilding Hypothesis If large amounts of casein are consumed, then one's BMI will be above average because casein is highly addictive and is a major ingredient in fattening food.
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