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Lung Cancer

No description

Boston Wanner

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Lung Cancer

Effects of Lung Cancer On Three Systems of the Body
Lung Cancer
Circulatory System
Different types of lung tumors can affect the circulatory system.
Thrombophlebitis- an inflammation in an artery or vein caused by a blood clot
Arterial thrombosis- a blood clot in an artery
Nonbacterial thrombosis endocarditis (NBTE)- a deposition of material onto the valves of the heart
Computerized Axial Tomography or CAT scan
CT scan ( Computerized Tomography)
CT scans which may be done to the chest, abdomen, and or brain
CT scans are usually ordered when an X-ray does not show the abnormality like a tumor or does not give enough information as to were the tumor is located.
Low Dose helical CT scan ( or spiral CT scan )
recommended annually for current and former smokers between ages 55-80 that smoked 30 packs a year within the past 15 years reduced 20% dying rate.
One of the most common first way to diagnose lung cancer is a chest X-ray that is from the back to the front of the chest and also a X-ray from the side of chest.
Nervous system
Most of the paraneoplastic syndromes, (a disease that is a result of having cancer), that effect the nervous system are caused by an attack of antibodies against healthy tissue. Antibodies are white cell proteins that usually isolate and immobilize invading viruses and bacterias.
Positron emission tomography
you take a radioactive drug

Scanner shows were drug is gathered up

Metabolic activity and functions of tissue
Bone scan
Small amount of radioactive material is injected into the blood stream.

Metastasized - Move from the origin point to another part of the body
Sputum Cytology
Examination of a combination of saliva and mucous

inserting a fiberoptic probe in through the mouth or nose
Problems Antibodies Can Cause in The Circulatory System
- can cause problems with balance
- muscle weakness, joint soreness, and difficulty swallowing
- tingling or numbness in hands or feet
- an affection in the brain
- bone pain
- nausea and vomiting
Endocrine System
Some types of lung cancers can produce hormones that act on organs within the brain.
Lung Cancer that is capable of producing hormones
- Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH)- low levels of sodium in the blood
- Cushing's syndrome- too much adrenal produced by cancerous tissue
- Carcinoid syndrome- diarrhea, heavy breathing, an asthma symptoms
- High or low blood pressure
- Breast growth in males
- to much growth hormone
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Different types of treatment work for different types of lung cancer. The type of cancer a pateint has, the patient age, health, and what stage the cancers at all factor to determine what teatment should be used.
There are different types of surgery to treat lung cancer. These include:
- Doctors can remove one lung so people can breath with just the other lung.
- Doctors can remove a section of the lung (a lobe)
- Doctors can remove part of a lobe
- a high energy beam of light destroys the cancer cells in a tumor, (laser surgery).
Chemotherapy is a medicine that fights cancer. There are three ways of receiving Chemotherapy.
- Through pills
- Through the blood stream
- Through an injection
Radiation Therapy
Uses high energy radiation to fight cancer. This proses can be delivered by a machine that directs the rays towards the cancer or by a small radioactive pellet that that is placed near the tumor.
Targeted Therapies
Targeted therapies are a newer treatment for non small cell lung cancer. The two approved therapies are called gefitnib and erlotinib.
erlotinib- is used when a patient has tried chemotherapy and it didn't work, and if the cancer has activating mutations.
Gefitnib- is used when the cancer has spread around the lungs or on to other parts of the body, and if the cancer has activating mutations.
Photodynamic therapy
A patient is first injected with medicine that is absorbed by the cancer cells. Then the doctors shine a bright light on the patient, which activates the medicine
Healthy lung cell compared to a lung cancer cell
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