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The Political Economy Sport - LE426

No description

Dr Christopher R. Matthews

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of The Political Economy Sport - LE426

The Political Economy
of Global Sport

Political Economy
To get us started
This week - Sage (2000)

The basis of a critique of sport and money
A way of thinking of your assessments
Intro to two key readings
Essay discussion
Today's session plan, aims and what you should have in your brain by the end...
First - what brand do you have on?
And where were your clothes made?
Start Points
Critical Issues
Focus within blogs? - with explanation from readings
Athlete as a worker
Sport & media involvement
For a century the game muddled through, crying out for unity, planning some reform, some investment in the grass roots and distinguished fabric of the game. The disgrace is that now, the time of the greatest ever wealth, is the time of least distribution. Football has fallen to the dogma of its day. 'Market forces'... like much else in Britain, football needed to become more businesslike, and it ended up no more than a business
Conn (1997)
Sporting equipment
Maguire (1999) - Gloablization
Combination for your assessments
Today you will have a critique of global sport that you can start to deploy - which direction is up to you
Attempting to explore the financial underpinning of power
Develop a critical analysis
Sport as a product to be consumed - Sage, Hoch
Globalisation and distribution - 'export-orientated industrialisation
Mega events - product, distribution, consumption
Premier league, G14 - Sugden
'Foreign' ownership - Nauright & Ramfjord
Good examples for essays
Concluding thoughts
There's something about sport - Smart
Social license - McDonalds etc
Link to network - Smart 128
Personal level - Athlete, worker, fan alienation
The commercialisation of sport based on the 'something' actually means the much of the 'something' is lost
Also Smart (2007)
It has been implicit & explicit within previous lectures/modules
Helps us critically 'see' some of the following -
'Export-orientated industrialisation' Sage - power relations
The culture of the world - Katz, 1994, 199
More universal than the UN, celebrating common humanity - Annan in Smart 2007
Increasing significance - Smart 114 & 124
The most extensively covered and viewed event in television history - Smart 125
Sports are a universal signifiers, they 'travel across borders', ride above different politics, culture and religion, and promote a positive feeling of shared experience and a sense of common meaning
Smart, 2007, 131
Loss of control - FIFA 'for the good of the game'
Tasks - Sage
Write something! - 300-500 words
SBM - Hoch (1972)
The 'network' (Sugden) is necessary but insufficient for your analysis
What other necessary conditions enable FIFA/IOC etc?
Wide social processes!
Consider three levels of analysis
- Individual - Case Studies
- Network - Sugden
- Social/culture
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