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Monarch Butterflies!

No description

Library Media

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Monarch Butterflies!

Monarch Butterflies!
by: Mary Katherine
The Monarch Body!
A Monarch's wings are actually covered in really small scales!!
The wing muscles of a Monarch are much stronger than the other body muscles!! The black lines on a Monarch's wing are called wing veins.
The Monarch lives in Africa, Mexico, America, and the outskirts of Australia!!
Predators and Threat!
The Monarch's predators are spiders,wasps and fire ants. Monarchs are threatened by humans trying to catch them while their hibernating!
Width and Length!
The wingspan of an average Monarch is 4 inches [ 10 centimeters]. But a full grown monarch is 100 mm all together.
Fun Facts!!
A Monarch is mimicked by the Vicory butterfly!
After migration, the males die and the females keep flying to lay eggs.
The early settlers called Monarchs "King Billys" after King William of Orange.
Destiny Web Search
National Geographics
Safe Searches
Enchanted Learning
Monarch Butterflys by Charles Rotter
A Monarch Diagram!
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