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MGB Group1

Financial analysis, live market data and breaking news, Visual Learning, and beyond. Stockology is a Movement! Join our rapidly growing community and get up to speed with the Financial Markets. Spread the word! Fully intergrated with social networking.

Eugene Glyants

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of MGB Group1

Sub Board I, Inc. ...but remember, organizations
often have multi-level complexities ...and seeing the
bigger picutre is
more important WELCOME INTRO How to Navigate? To go to the next slide, press play at the bottom of this presentation This To go to the next slide, press play at the bottom of this presentation Sub Board I, Inc. Nicole Bates
Eugene Glyants
Yunes Saleh
Andrew Prabucki
zhe chen What is the Sub Board? Non-for-profit organization running many of the student services we enjoy at UB. 12 Business Units Ticket Office Students Full Time
Employees Group 1 Big Five Personality Model Openness (inventive vs. conservative) Conscientiousness (efficient vs. careless) Extraversion (outgoing vs. withdrawn) Agreeableness (friendly vs. outspoken) Emotional Stability (confident vs. sensitive) Communication Competency
Model 5 Dimensions 21 21 18.5 20.5 13.5 5 Leadership positions
5 non-leaders 5 Leadership positions
5 non-leaders How do we improve Extraversion? Socialize Increased inter-company social
gatherings, sports teams, etc... Organized socializing How to improve emotional stability? 1) Offer Counseling Service
Career Counsiling
etc. 2) Hypothesis: Some personality traits my change over time. Emotional
Stability in particular. As a person
matures, so do their emotions. Emotional Stability is positively
correlated with age! How can we improve the model? Openness Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Emotional Stability BIG TEN Personality Model 1) 2) Large margin of error because a person's environment
in which they are taking the survey and mood highly
impact the results. Solution? Administer the survey multiple times during
a month period Questions?
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