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A country filled with pure history.

Moi Stern

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of England

England A country filled with pure history Customs and Culture History Geography Symbols Economy Population Government and more England National Flag The flag of England is the St. George's cross it appeared as an emblem during the middle ages and the crusades and is one of the first emblems representing England England State Flag National Anthems: God Save the Queen, Jerusalem, and Land of Hope and Glory National Flower: Tudor Rose England Coat of arms Age Structure Literacy Rate Life Expectancy 2008 ensus:51,456,400 0-4, 5.96%
5-7, 3.74%
8-9, 2.61%
10-14, 6.57%
15, 1.27%
16-7, 2.51%
18-19, 2.40%
20-24, 6.01%
25-29, 6.65%
30-44, 22.65%
45-59, 18.88%
60-64, 4.87%
65-74, 8.35%
75-84, 5.60%
85-89, 1.30%
90 , 0.64%

Males: 76 years
Female: 81 years 99% of the country can read Fish and chips : One of the most traditional sea foods in england food fashion language: English religion: Mostly christianity sports: soccer and rugby (Three Lions) Kids Life: Taking tests at ages 7,11,14,16. They wear uniforms to school and have 6 weeks of summer vacation they also enjoy to play sports.
King Henry V11 King Henry V111 1485-1509 1509-1547 Jane Grey 1554 Queen Mary 1 1553-1558 Queen Elizabeth 1558-1603 Timeline Exports: Manufactured goods, fuels,chemichals, food, beverages, tabacco Imports: Manufactured goods, machinery, fuels, foodstuffs rolls royce is an export from England Export and Import Partners:U.S., Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Ireland, China, Norway, Spain, and Italy Highest Point: Scafell Pike 978 m.(3209 ft.) Bordering Countries: Scotland, and Wales As part of the U.K. england is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system. There has not been a government of England since 1707. The monarch of England is Queen Elizabeth 11 The chief executive of is the Prime Minister Weird Fact: Stonehenge a Neolithic monument was built in 2500 B.C. when technology was just starting and is still standing perfect. Bibliography: Google Images, Google, Wikipedia, A Kids life in.com, england timelines.com
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