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The Social Justice Principles of the Catholic Church

Photosgraphs, descriptions, and reflections illistrate the social justice beliefs of the Catholic church.

Catherine Heller

on 5 November 2010

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Transcript of The Social Justice Principles of the Catholic Church

The Social Justice Principles of the Catholic Church Human Dignity Community and the Common Good Rights and Responsibilities Participation Dignity of Work/Rights of Workers Stewardship of Creation Global Solidarity Constructive Role for Government Promotion of Peace leby pty;0h8 Every life is sacred. From the unborn child to the elderly man, every being is a gift from God. Human life is not ours to take. We are made in the image of God, an image we should cherish and hold dear. Every human is made prefectly because He doesn't make mistakes. We must make good choices to fulfill the great life God has given us. A baby is one of the smallest forms of life that are often overlooked as being important. Hundreds of thousands of unborn children are killed each year beacuse people don't respect the gift of human life. We could all take a bit of advice from Dr. Seuss . . . "A person's a person, no matter how small." We live in a world filled with war, whether that war be between countries or in our on homes. World peace sounds pretty impossible, but if you work through acts of kindness, you may not be creating harmony to hating countries, but might bring peace and happiness to someone else. This picture symbolizes peace to me because the dove is a sign of piece. It shows the contrast between the light and the dark. In this world, being a member of society is very important. Your status defines you to others. Part of this is determined by your activity in the community. The Church encourages you to be outgoing and social. If you are unsocial, you are withholding the gifts and talents God gave from being shared with the community. This picture shows the social element. Your friends are some of the people that know you best. They experience your talents everyday. If they don't, you aren't doing the job as a member of the community. Being yourself with your friends is one of the easiest ways. It is said that the human being needs three things to survive-food, clothing, and shelter. Thousands of people around the world go hungry everyday. There are many people who trying to give underpriveledged people these basic needs. Other rights include employment, health care, and education. But with all these rights comes responsibility that should never be violated. You may recognize these cans from the food drive we had at St. Ann. Food drives are just one of the many ways you can help out those who are in need. By donating food (Food to Families), clothing (Arc), and shelter (Room at the Inn), you can help provide for others who don't have the opportunities that we do. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable Almost every day, we pray for the jobless. These people cannot make the money to provide for theirselves or their families. They and the homeless are looked upon with pity. But if you feel so sad, why don't you do something about it? You can't jusst sit on the couch. You have to take action. The people who recieve these benefits are so grateful, and you will be left with a great happieness inside. Goodwill is one of those organizations that goes out of their way to help the poor and vulnerable. You donate your used belongings and they sell it. The procedes goes to a teacher who helps, trains, and teaches unemployed and uneducated people. When the word "participation" comes to mind, another word i think of is "exclusion." We are a community that eats together, plays together, and loves together. By singling out people, we are preventing them from being a part of the community. Participation is a right that everyone is given and those who try to take it away are selfish and greedy for thinking only of themselves and their own enjoyment. One of the greatest ways we participate together as a community is through the celebration of the Mass. In the Church, no one is turned away for their race, age, or gender. We go out and invite people to celebrate the Mystery of Christ with us and welcome all who join us. People have the right to work for money. In today's economy, finding a job has become harder. The economy is not helping the people and must change in time. Generation by generation, we are digging a hole that will be extremely difficult to get out of.
We also have the right to safe working conditions, decent wages, and private property. This should not be taken to extremes. It is unfair to have excessive wealth when others do not have the things one needs to survive. A work desk such as this one, is an example of a good, safe work enviroment. Not everyone is this fortunate, such as miners and fishermen. For people of such occupations, just going to work may be puting your life on the line. God created the Earth especially for us. It is one of his greatest gifts to us. This gift is often abused when we liter, graffiti, or destroy the wonderous natures of the Earth. Reusing, reducing, and recycling are three ways to make our world a better place. This japanese flower is located in a park specificly for preserving the beautiful elements of nature. Parks such as these are great ways to preserve the gift of Earth. This beautiful flower is just a small fraction of the huge beauty we have. We are one HUGE family, brothers and sisters of God. But no two people are completely alike, through our phyiscal appearance or personality (not even identitical twins!). In this world, many people jump to conclusions and judge people by their race or gender. This is completely not right. Judging a person by their skin color is wrong and cruel. Everyone deserves a chance. First assumptions may not be right and hurt a person. This photo shows kindness between people of many differences. From looks to minds, these people are in no way exactly alike, yet they share a kindness that everyone should have towards their fellow neighbor. Our government has control of many aspects of our lives. Sometimes, there is an abuse of power where moral conduct is not taken into account. They should not do to much to intervene unless necessary. Too much control of the people will result in a dictator-like government. The goverment's job is to help citizens maintain good rights and responsibilites. By doing this they contributing to society and the community. This is my Stuident Council folder. Inside are many service projects in the making. These are oppurtunities to give back and help the people of the the St. Ann community live out their responsibilities. This is exactly what a government should be and I am proud to be a part of it.
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