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Total Participation Techniques - Part II: Beyond Thumbs Up

No description

Nancy Rowan

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Total Participation Techniques - Part II: Beyond Thumbs Up

Participation Techniques
Part II Beyond Thumbs Up: Thank you for your attention! And one more
thing.... Networking Session Participation
Walk Participate in Networking Sessions
Quick Write
Creative Partnering to Share Out
Pause To Apply What is the TPT?
How does it work?
How do you ensure HOT?
Pause to apply Pausing to Apply Wrap up activity Turn and Talk: How can I use TPTs to promote higher level thinking? Ticket out the door
Social Studies Whip Around Warm Up Something new I learned today is... PURPOSE: To undestand how ot use TPTs to develop higher order thinkin in the content areas and during all classroom instruction Purpose To deepen the understanding of how to use TPTs to develop higher order thinking skills during classroom instruction to improve student achievement. Introducing your TPT gurus:
Nancy Rowan, AGI
Nicole Gallagher, AGI
Carol Whelan, PLE
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