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No description

Maggie Witt

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of iPhone

Positives Negatives Everything in one easy to use Not new technology iPhone headphones cause hearing problems Only available on AT&T in the United States $30.00 monthly internet charge "The iPhone is now a technology platform in its own right". More than 3 billion applications have been downloaded. "iPhone technology is a unique cultural phenomenon". "The iPhone--has left the realm of electronic plaything, and become an almost required medical tool". So whats the big idea? The iPhone has successfully integrated all of
today's most used electronic devices into one small package. But... The iPhone is useful, but it is not "new technology",
just "improved" technology. People may also become to dependent
on the phone and its uses. We know that... but did you know... Just think about that Physically comfortable very reliable product support costs $200 with new contract Easily breakable Application and music downloads
cost $$$$ With this in mind We can conclude that
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