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MLK: Stride Toward Freedom

English analysis presentation.

Sean Sibley

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of MLK: Stride Toward Freedom

Stride Toward Freedom Overview Background Analysis This text was written in response to Montgomery bus boycott. King was encouraged by many to write about the events that occurred during the bus ride. King, cautiously, wrote about the events and stands on slavery that took place before, during, as well as after the incident on the bus. King, in his book, states that the Montgomery bus boycott was, ‘‘the chronicle of 50,000 Negroes who took to heart the principles of nonviolence, who learned to fight for their rights with the weapon of love, and who in the process, acquired a new estimate of their own human worth.’’ Martin Luther King Jr is known as the most influential person involved with the Civil Rights Movement By Martin Luther King Jr. Value At the release of the book, it was viewed as a "must read" showing the large impact it made on society "Stride Toward Freedom" is one of the biggest literary pieces dealing with the Civil Rights Movement The book uses many allusions and biblical references Although King's book is not the most pivotal point in the journey for racial equality, it documents and portrays what the african americans went through during those times. It speaks to me by convincing me that all races aren't created equal. It went straight to the heart of me and other people.

It has changed humanity everyone is treated equal, but till today there is still some racism in our country. We need to have everyone open up the clear message of freedom. Thanks for watching The book Stride Toward Freedom written by MLK was based on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and describes Montgomery before, during, and after the movement. He explains the significance of the boycott and how residents of Montgomery, AL helped to organize and sustain the black rights movement. It also gives detail into why most black took a non-violent approach which was a key factor in giving african americans equal rights
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