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Chinese Immigration to the USA

This prezi is about the Chinese immigration to the USA .

Brianna L & Giovanna M

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Chinese Immigration to the USA

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Most Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States through Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, California. The immigrants' journey to America was uncomfortable and seemingly endless. Less-fortunate immigrants stayed in steerage because it was the least expensive place on the ship. It was crowded, unsafe, there were contagious diseases, and it was smelly and dirty. Since steerage was located on the lowest decks of the ship, it was also hard to breathe the stuffy air. This is the Angel Island Immigration Station. Not all Americans resented the Chinese immigrants. They had many skills and worked hard for their families. Employers hired them for jobs that most people did not want. The main reason employers hired the Chinese people was because they worked for cheap.Their jobs included mining for gold, cooking, storekeeping, and railroad construction. In the 1800's, China was suffering from unemployment. The discovery of gold in California urged many Chinese people to migrate
to America for a better life. Usually, men came first and then went back to China to tell their families about America. When the Chinese people arrived in the USA, most of them settled on Angel Island, and in other areas of California. They had to adapt to the American way of life. The most popular job for the Chinese men was railroad construction. They earned about $35 per month working on the railroads. Even though the job was tiring, men sacrificed to support their families. Many Chinese immigrants worked on the Transcontinental Railroad. This is what most immigration ships looked like. The trip from China to California lasted a few weeks. Chinese Immigration to America by Giovanna M, and Brianna L.

Grade 8-2 These are some Chinese children and men adapting to the American culture. There were many differences between the Chinese and American cultures, including religion and customs. Many Americans did not welcome the Chinese immigrants. They committed many crimes against them, such as harassment, vandalism, and even murder. In the 1800's, the Chinese were one of the largest groups of immigrants in California. Now, they have settled all over the country, contributing to the American culture in many ways. These are some contributions the Chinese have made since their immigration to America. Some contributions are:
1) meditation/ yoga
2) herbal remedies
3) therapies such as acupuncture
4) food
5) religion There was a very small amount of Chinese women in America, because there weren't as much opportunities for them to work. The women that came were usually the wives of rich Chinese men. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prohibited Chinese immigrants to enter America. The reason for this law was to prevent the over-population of the Chinese people. The Chinese Exclusion Act stated that Chinese laborers were prohibited from entering the USA for ten years. It was extended in 1892 and in 1902. We hope this presentation has informed you about the history of Chinese immigration, and has encouraged you to appreciate the contributions they have made to America. The End!
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