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YOC case study


on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of YOC

Text messages higher than Internet connections

in 2000 Kraus realized everybody will have mobiles phones

Development of 3G offering much more options YOC Case study Zafer NAAMANI Philippe BERNON Syrelle NGUEPEGNE Magaly TOUZET Jonathan PRAWDA Charlotte COLDREY INTRODUCTION E-Business presentation Motivations of the founders A charismatic founder A strong academic background

A life change professional experience

A strong knowledge of the economy’s change Marketing Mutation Old economy Vs new Economy

Impact of the dot-com bubble

Marketing Mutation Dirk Kraus,
CEO Why considering mobiles ? Mobiles phones in people lives easy to use

more interactions

very close to the user

consumers privacy Presentation of the company YOC is the leading mobile marketing provider in Europe

YOC’s first idea
- Spot an opportunity in the mobile phone industry
- Mix mobiles with advertising
- Focusing on the customer

Financed through debt and investments from VCs YOC’s business model & units Mobile Marketing: sales and brand awareness, customer loyalty

Mobile B2C- Services: licensed mobile + mobile shipping and billing

Affiliate Marketing: connecting advertisers with “affiliates” Examples of campaigns Strong innovator by creativity and technology

2 types of campaigns :
- CREATIVITY : Designed to serve YOC through clients’ needs
- TECHNOLOGY : Destinated to clients Creativity to serve brand awareness « Cash or Crash » - Porsche
- Brand awareness
- Database

« Schummelhilfe » & « Birth control »
- Attracting youngsters and women
- Brand awareness
- Complete & Heterogeneous database Technological Innovation Response-oriented Campaign

Wap Portal

Java applications

Location based-service Mobiles marketing and market A revolution for brands and medias

Mean of communication individual, interactive and targeted

Promote brand or new offers; get new customers; develop loyalty with its consumers; and generate new revenues Mobile Marketing YOC goes in 2 directions:

Pull campaigns: the user initiates communications (collect consumer profiles and enrich information on existing one).

Push campaigns: deliver marketing services directly to the customers (messages). MARKET Small market with strong competition

YOC is the European leader

2 main competitors: 12Snap and Mindmatics

Smaller supplier in every single country YOC’s competitive advantage:

Full-service approach: “YOC covers all activities from campaign design, to development, to implementation, all the way to reporting.”
They have their own and strong databases YOC' strategy To remain in the market Powerful marketing strategy consisting in 3 core aspects:
High product and project quality
High technological competence
International expansion High product and project quality Powerful and renowned clients from various industries

Marketing strategy focus on proposing high product to existing customers, new customers

Support, assist customer when entering foreign markets High technological competence “crucial pillar of its sustainability”

Keep on launching innovative product: if they fail the path, they are OUT Opening new offices in Europe  = better understand their customers in these markets

Tap into the American market International expansion High product and project quality High technological competence Conclusion A unique Business model
- Perfect mix of IT use and knowhow transfer
- Only company offering B2C and B2B products/services

What next?
- Increase of the competition THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Advantages provided by mobiles phones Mobiles Marketing
& Market TEN YEARS AGO? Creating new technologies

will create new lifestyles an markets YOC = integrating the mobile phone into the marketing mix Double innovation = mobile phone channel + marketing customer oriented
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