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Grace MacDonald

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Scotland

Scotland is a small country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is a very interesting country that has a wide variety of unique flavors and an interesting culture.
-sausage-type meat from the innards of a sheep
-boiled, minced, and then mixed with onion, lightly toasted oatmeal, suet (fat), stock, salt, and pepper
-then it is put inside a sheep's stomach which is sewn closed and then the whole thing is boiled for several hours
-medium ground oatmeal, water, and salt
-cooked slowly in boiling water
-constant stirring to prevent lumps
-served with creamy milk
Fish and chips
-served with vinegar
-in Edinburgh, it is served with "salt 'n' sauce," a mixture of brown sauce and malt vinegar, or water
-"chips" to them are french fries to us
Scotland is known for haggis and shortbread, but there are many other flavors of Scotland including porridge, fish and chips, Tunnock's tea cake, tablet, and bangers and mash.
Tunnock's Tea Cake
-made up of a cookie base topped with fluffy marshmallow and covered in chocolate
By: Grace MacDonald
-hard, crystallized form of fudge
-made by boiling sugar, condensed milk, and butter
-often flavored with whiskey
Bangers and mash
-mashed potatoes with milk and lots of butter
-fluffy potatoes
-bangers are sausages
Scotland is known for having a very unique culture. The country is famous for many things such as bagpipes, kilts, the loch ness monster, and castles.
-not originally from Scotland
-Scotland is the most famous country for them
-musical instrument of war
-parts: drones (pipes), bag, blowpipe, chanter (how they make the melody)
-Scotland is not the only place where people wear kilts
-worn by males
-normally just worn at special events like weddings
The Loch Ness monster
-mythical creature that is believed to live in the Loch Ness Lake in the Scottish Highlands
-also called Nessie
-ingredients: flour, butter, sugar,and salt
-Mary, Queen of Scots loved them and made them popular
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