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Jacob Stephens

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of IPhone

standing at 3.5 inches,the size was reduced and the internet speed was increased. The 4S was better by adding Siri and internet speed. The 4S had a better chip, too. It was $234.
iPhone 2G
This is iPhone evolution
iPhone 3G
This phone was released June 9,2008, standing at 4.5 inches. The phone was $180. this was the second iPhone.
iPhone 6&6+
The phones were released on September 19,2014. The 6 was 4.7 inches tall. the 6+, 5.5. The 6 costs $200 to $850. The 6+ is $300 to $500.
iPhone 5&5S
iPhone 4&4S
iPhone By Emma,Jacob, and Art
Line of iPhones
released June 29,2007, standing at 4.5 inches. $599 to $399. This was the first iPhone. Nothing innovated because it was the first iPhone.
The phone was released September 21 2012. The cost was $455. The 5S was $100 to $550.
Engineers used making this product-Software,Computers,Mechanical,and Electrical engineers
#8-iPhone (positive)
#6-How it is used today
iPhone is a smartphone that can do many things, depending on what you as the user need!

The iPhone has impacted society in a positive way. The iPhone has impacted society positively by the socialization, communication, entertainment and much more in just one phone.
#9-iPhone (negative)
The way people interact with each other. someone can look in a phone book and find someone. $49.98 cheapest monthly bill.

#2-Purpose of artifact
The iPhone is used for talking and texting.
#3-Steve Jobs
#4-how it was used when originally invented.
#1-The artifact we are studying is the iPhone.
for calling and texting
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