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Accounting Prezi

Canada Revenue Agency

Alyssa Guida

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Accounting Prezi

The Canada
Revenue Agency

By Alyssa Guida and Dayun Shon
The CRA operates on the fundamental belief that you are more likely to comply with the law if you have the information and other services that you need to meet your obligations. These obligations may include paying taxes or providing information.
The Taxpayer
Bill of Rights:
* describes and defines fifteen rights* which are a combination of statutory rights and service rights
* builds upon the CRA's corporate values of professionalism, respect, integrity, and cooperation
* describes the treatment you are entitled to when you deal with the CRA
* many expect that the CRA will serve you with high standards of accuracy, professionalism, courteousness, and fairness
* sets out the CRA Commitment to Small Business to ensure their interactions with the CRA are conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible
Types of Taxes
CRA and Accounting
To determine the amount of taxes that must be paid/refunded, accounting professionals use accounting principles.
What is the CRA?
Taxpayers Rights
Working for the CRA:
- federal agency
- The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers:
• tax laws for the Government of Canada
• various social and economic
benefit and incentive programs
delivered through the tax
Gail Shea
Andrew Treusch
Bill Jones
Minister of National Revenue
Chief Executive Officer of CRA
Deputy Commissioner of Revenue
The CRA and Accounting
- Canada operates a self-assessing income tax system
- The individual and/or corporation are
responsible for reporting income and deductions
- They also must determine the amount of taxes that is payable, within the framework of the legislation.
CRA Mission:
CRA Vision:
- To administer:
* tax
* benefits
* related programs
- Contributing to the ongoing economic and social well-being of Canadians
- The CRA is the model for trusted tax and benefit administration
- They provide unparalleled service and value to its clients
- They offer its employees outstanding career opportunities
CRA Role:
CRA Promise:
- Contributing to the well-being of Canadians
- Delivering world-class tax and benefit administration that is:
* responsive
* effective
* trusted.
- The CRA is concerned with
-ensuring that all required accounting standards are honored
-reported figures are reliable and ethical to its external shareholders
* collect taxes
* deliver social and economic benefits

- The 40,000 people of the CRA are an important part of Canada's economy and security.
- Their goal is to provide the best possible service to all Canadians through our offices across the country.
The CRA is also there to help families file taxes, learn about benefits and their savings.
* Income tax
* Personal tax
* Corporate tax
* Payroll taxes
* GST/HST tax
* Excise tax
Families are not the only people who have to file taxes, so do businesses.
Depending on the size, type and revenue of the business, determines the tax payments and refunds
CRA and Accounting
* Tax Auditor
* Client Services Agent
* Client Services Agent
* Student Intern
* Call Centre Representative
* Taxpayer Services Agent
* Programme Coordinator
* Appeals Officer
* Commerce Audit Specialist
* IT Analyst/Developer
* Human Resources Advisor
* Corporate Assessing Officer
* Assistant Director
CRA and Accounting:
The CRA does more than provide taxation services.

We also:
- conduct audits for large and small businesses
- develop and maintain state-of-the-art information technology.
Working for the CRA
The CRA has a new, leading-edge human resources system that supports employees in managing their careers.

- many different career choices
- CRA offices across the country and the right to apply for positions throughout the federal government
- full-time, part-time, and seasonal work with schedules that help balance work and family
Career development
- tools to help you plan your own career and to get the education and training you need
- as a separate employer from the Public Service Commission, the CRA staffs positions rapidly in an open environment
Compensation and benefits
- we're competitive!
Meaningful, valuable work
- we help millions of Canadians every year. Together, the people of the CRA manage one of the best tax administrations in the world.

The CRA is committed to the values and principles of employment equity. That means that everyone has the same rights for advancement, and pay scales have been established so they don't discriminate in any way.
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