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first dorothea dix prezi

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lizzy swoboda

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of first dorothea dix prezi

April 4,1802- July 17, 1887 Dorothea Dix Dorethea Dix was a middle class reformer. Even though her childhood showed her no love, she had an abusive father and was forced to take care of her brothers, Dorothea dedicated her life to helping others that were in need. After that, she founded schools for poor girls who couldn't afford schooling. She made it possible for the girls to attend for no cost! She also wrote textbooks. Conversations on Common Things was published in 1824. In 1841 Dorothea started teaching Sunday school at a women's prison called East Cambridge Jail. It changed her life and would eventually change the United States also. While she was there she witnessed prostitutes, drunks, criminals, retarded individuals, and the mentally ill all housed in the same unheated, unfurnished, and really bad smelling living quarters. She sacrificed her life for the well-being of others. Without her the mentally ill might still be housed in prisons. The things she dedicated her life to doing made the world a better place. She is certainly someone to remember! The End! She immediately went to court to improve the living conditions for the prisoners. Modern day Dix Mansion In 1819 she founded a school for girls called the Dix Mansion.
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