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How To Be A Creative Thought Leader

Get your message out into the world and touch more lives with your work!

Laura West

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of How To Be A Creative Thought Leader

How To Be A Creative Thought Leader Blog Posts,
Guest Posts,
Posts Webinars, Tele-classes,
& Virtual Learning Events As A Creative Thought Leader you... Develop Your THOUGHTS into Content, Systems, Processes & Small Bites of Education Share Your Ideas &
Create Positive Change Be More Visible:
Stop being a
"Best Kept Secret" Create
Credibility & Perceived Authority Become Known As
"THE Go-To-Expert" in Your Specialty Niche Use Your
Authentic Creative Marketing Style
to share your content
& create BUZZ! e-books, Books,
Book Series,
Collaborative Books Spread Your Message, Reach More People & Change More Lives
with Your Work As a Creative Thought Leader
You'll Easily Attract More:
Joint Venture Partners
Strategic Alliances Digital Products,
Workbooks, Checklists,
Home Study Courses Speeches, Presentations,
Keynote Talks,
SlideShows Photography,
Photo Quotes
Sketchnotes Workshops, Courses, Bootcamps, Training, Retreats, Seminars Special Reports-
Free & Paid,
White Papers,
Free Gift Download,
Digital Magazine License Programs, Certifications, Train-The-Trainer Social Media Using Your -
*Experiences Claim Your Expertise & Step into Being a Visible LEADER of Influence Use Your Natural CREATIVE Style to Package Your Content & Share Your Bold Message There are so many ideas for Packaging Your Creative Thought Leadership Message Choose what fits with your Vision, Goals & Authentic Style! Let's Start with a
Free Creative Business
Consultation to see how I can best support your vision & success.
email me:
Laura AT JoyfulBusiness.com Videos,
Video TV show,
Video Series Skits, Shows, Exhibits, Events Music, Songs, Poems Apps,
Board Games,
Online Games Interview Series,
Radio Show,
Twitterviews &

TweetChats YES. In case you are wondering...You can create poems, raps, & songs in all forms about your content! Don't worry - you don't have to do it all!
I want you to see how you can use your content & ideas in so many creative ways to create impact & engagement !

Find what
works for your style & message! Wow!
Are you inspired yet?

Ready to grow your business as a
Creative Thought Leader
who is changing lives? Laura West JoyfulBusiness.com 8 Foot Visual Mural like this one! Yep, that's me!
I'd love to talk with you about how I can help you with your business creativity!
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