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SDT Research Thread

No description

Todd Gibbs

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of SDT Research Thread

Preparing the Soil: From Rochester to the World Origins Applications Closing Thoughts Core SDT Research Topics Edward Deci & Richard Ryan:
Co-founders, Primary Research Authors Self-Determination Theory Education

Environment (Sustainability)

Health Care

Organizations and Work


Psychotherapy and Counseling

Sport, Exercise, and Physical Education

Virtual Environments and Video Games How do the ideas change over time?
Continually expanded and refined
Ongoing development of new instruments
Who are the leading writers?
Ryan and Deci still involved in many studies
Rochester now has 8 active research faculty
Research centers in Belgium, Canada, UK, & US
Types of research
Primarily quantitative
Interplay between researchers and writers
Many collaborative studies
Likely that many researchers emerge from Rochester and continue work at new institutions
Professional Conference every three years
Currently limited primarily to disciplines within psychology. Only 3 articles in ACA Journals have referenced SDT directly, 2 others draw upon theory for research A Living Research Thread Edward Deci The 3 Basic Human Needs According to SDT Core Concepts of Self-Determination Theory Intrinsic Motivation Richard Ryan 1952 1975 1985 1980 Basic Psychological Needs

Causality Orientations and Priming Autonomy

Development and Parenting

Experiments on Intrinsic Motivation
and Self-Regulation

Goals, Values, and Aspirations

Internalization and Self-regulatory Styles Mindfulness

Motivation and Self-Determination across Cultures

Nonconscious Process and Priming

Psychological Health and Well-being


Self and Self-Esteem

Vitality and Energy Where SDT Research Is Taking Place Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (1987). The support of autonomy and the control of behavior. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 53, 1024-1037.
Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (1985). The general causality orientations scale: Self-determination in personality. Journal of Research in Personality, 19, 109-134.
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Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (2000). The 'what' and 'why' of goal pursuits: Human needs and the self-determination of behavior. Psychological Inquiry, 11, 227-268.

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Deci, E. L. (1998). The relation of interest to motivation and human needs: The self-determination theory viewpoint. In L. Hoffmann, A. Krapp, K. A. Renninger, & J. Baumert (Eds.), Interest and learning (pp. 146-162). Kiel, Germany: Institute for Science Education.

Ryan, R. M. (1995). Psychological needs and the facilitation of integrative processes. Journal of Personality, 63, 397-427.
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