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Effect of Fabric Softeners on the Flammability of Different

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Synyster Clown

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Effect of Fabric Softeners on the Flammability of Different

The question that is being answered by this project is "How do fabric softener and dryer sheets affect the flammability of different fabrics?".
The materials being dried with dryer sheets will have increased flammability.
1/3 cup of Purex Ultra Fabric Softener
1 Purex Mountain Breeze Dryer Sheet
3/4 cup of Purex Dirt Lift Action with Crystal Fragrance Powder Detergent
2 12x3 inches of each material: Cotton, Polyester, Quilt, Undetermined Fabric Content
1 Wire hanger
2 lighters
The Effect of Fabric Softeners on the Flammability of Different Fabrics
By: Craig Smith
The 8 material pieces were seperated into two identical groups(one was Group A, the other Group B)
Group A was washed with powder detergent and fabric softener, then dried
Group B was washed with powder detergent, then dried with one dryer sheet
Procedure Cont.
Two pieces of Cotton(one from each group) were hung from a hanger parrallel from each other
The two pieces of Cotton were set on fire simultaneously
The time it took for the fire to completely cover the pieces of Cotton was then recorded
These three steps were repeated for the rest of the materials
This experiment has shown that fabrics dried with Dryer Sheets are more flammable than fabrics washed with Fabric Softener.
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Fabric softeners are conditioners used to make fabrics softer.
The chemicals of the fabric softener are electrically conductive. Once it meets the clothes, there is an electrical potential difference, and the electrons on the clothes will move until the potential is even.
Dryer sheets are almost exactly the same, the only difference is they prevent the static cling of clothes.
Fabric Softener, Detergent, and Dryer Sheets
The Fabrics Before They were Caught on Fire
Undetermined Content Fabric
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