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No description

Kyna Westbury

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Savanna

Double click anywhere & add an idea Savannah created by:Kyna Westbury A savanna is not a dry arid place that most people think it is. It's a cross between a grassland
and a desert.A majority of the world's savannahs are located in Africa, but they can also be found in South America, India, and Australia. The rainfall in this biome is
between 20 to 60 inches per year.
Temperatures are usually in the mid
80's, but they can reach as high as 100 degrees. Animal Life: There are many types of species that live in savannahs. About 40% of the wildlife are mammals such as, lions, zebras, girrafes, tigers babboons, elephants, and rhinoceroses.There are amphibans that live in savannahs too, such as the African Tree frog. Hundreds of birds live in the savannahs too,like vultures, and flamingos. Many of the animals have adapted to the climate, such as the cheeteh that catches prey at fast/high speeds. Plant Life: In the savannahs, the dominant plant life are small
plants and grasses such as Elephant Grass also known as Elephant Ears.
The grasses are kept low by wildbeasts and sometimes Water Buffaloes.
The fruit trees provide many food for many of the birds and animals.
Human Influence: Farming and herding
is the major way of living. Permanent
settlement is limited by the long dry season,
uncertain rainfall, and poor soils. Many farmers
and herders are moving from the savannahs towards
the South to port cities in search of work.

1: Is a savannah just a
dry arid place? 2. How many inches
of rainfall does the savannah
get per year? 3. What is the dominat
plant life in the savannah? Why can't people farm or
herd in the savannah? THE END!
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