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Tom Coe's A2 Media Prezi

Bringing together all the work I have done for A2 Media Studies.

Tom Coe

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Tom Coe's A2 Media Prezi

Tom Coe's A2 Media Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? What have you learned from your audience feedback? How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? For the main bulk of my audience feedback, I used popular freeskiing website www.newschoolers.com to host and gain feedback on my video. I decided to use this as my primary source of feedback as all the members are the exact target audience my video is aimed towards, meaning that the feedback I recieved is geniune and realistic.
Whilst the video was hosted on the website to gain feedback by it's self, I also created a thread in the user forums with the video embedded into it to boost the number of views the video received and also increase the amount of feedback and response.
After looking back through the replies in the thread, the general consensous is that it is a good short film. Users gave feedback such as: "Good use of camera angles and the music was synced prefectly...Good choice of music!...Upbeat and interesting...Awesome!" "Good use of camera angles and the music was synced perfectly!" www.newschoolers.com I also used this forum post as a chance to gain to constructive criticism on the video. Users suggested that I should speed up a certain timelapse section of the film, which after looking back at my film I think would make an improvement. They also said that I should try and vary the filming style I'm using. For example, by using a different filming technique such as 'follow camming' which is skiing next to the athlete as they have their run filming from along side them as the make their way down which makes it more exciting and interesting. To maximise the amount of feedback I could get, I also used
social networking website www.facebook.com to send a message
to all of my friends that are also part of the target audience for
my film with the video embedded, asking for their thoughts and opinions. www.facebook.com From this, I gained more generally positive feedback similar to that from www.newschoolers.com, and also gained more constructive criticism. This was, that next time I make a short ski film, to make sure that I try and get more footage to add a varity of riders, and features on the slope. This makes total sense as all the film I used to my video was shot on 3 seperate occasions, meaning that it is all rather similar. "Try and shoot more raw footage for your film next time to add a varity of features and riders, however on the whole very good!" In general, I have found that my audience feedback has been very useful. Not only has it increased my confidence with filming and editing, but has let me know that you can never have too much raw footage to edit with. I feel that I have done the best I could with the collected film. However, looking at the feedback I agree with the fact that more footage brings varity and excitement to the film, not just the riding talent. Bringing together all the work into an evaluation for A2 Media Studies Construction: Planning: Evaluation: During the planning stages of production, I deconstructed many diffrent current media texts for inspiration. In partular, I looked at 'Level 1 Productions' who for 10 years have been the leading production company in the freeskiing industry. In particular, I looked at their short film trailer for their upcoming film 'Refresh' for ideas for filming and editing technique and style. 'Level 1 Productions' also produced several 'The Making Of...' videos which document the making of their latest movie 'Refresh' I also looked at these during the planning stage to get an insight as to what level of planning and pre-production work is involved with a professional short film. Level 1 Productions - Refresh Trailer Level 1 Productions - The Making Of Refresh: Part 2 The construction process was the biggest learning curve for me, having to get to grips with many new and different media technologies. For example, using HD video was a whole new experience for me, so learning to upload and import the film was something I had never done before. However, the biggest learning experience was using Adobe Premier Pro CS3 for my video editing software. I had never previously used this programme before so everything was something I had to research and learn how to do practically as I continued through my project. I also had to do this with Adobe Soundbooth Pro to edit and mix the backing track together. Originally, the song was not long enough by it's self so I had New 'Media Technologies' Throughout the construction of my short film, I used many different forms of media technologies. I used a Sony Handycam DCR HC24E for the majority of my filming, and a Nikon D40 to shoot some of the more 'Off the cuff' footage. The internet was a major technology again in this stage of production, using video hosting websites such as Vimeo and Youtube to watch current media texts for inspiration and further research, newschoolers.com and downdays.eu for target audience feedback along the way and facebook.com to arrange filming sessions. Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro CS3 for video and image editing. DVD's for watching current media texts. Adobe Soundbooth and Audacity for audio editing and recording. Media Monkey for listening and importing music. OCR website for checking the specification and brief to make sure I was on track, and Youtube downloader for converting downloaded music to the correct format for the video soundtrack. Internet: I think that the main media technology I used throughout the planning and pre-production stage was the internet. This was my primary source for research, study of current media texts, target audience feedback and inspiration. During the evaluation stage of the project, I also used a varity of media technologies. For example, I used the internet for my primary source of target audience feedback and reviews, and hosting my video on Youtube, Vimeo and Newschoolers.com video hosting websites. I used Prezi.com to create an online evaluation presentation. This is my poster design. I have intentionally created it with simplicity in mind, with the main focus of the poster being to attract attention, but keep text to a minimum. Because the main bulk of the poster is the background image of the slope, I feel that it effectively links with the main film task as the audience can quickly make a strong link between them, associating the image with the main location of the film.
Having the main title of the film in the largest font on the poster also establishes hierarchy and enables the target audience to easily identify what the poster is promoting. During the pre-production stages of my project, I did a lot of research and deconstruction of current media texts within my chosen genre to identify some of the key conventions used. Then, using this information during the creation of my film, I focused mainly upon the representation and stereotypical features a viewer would expect to see.
For example, I decided to use a hip-hop song as the backing track for my film. Lately, this has become the norm within the genre with nearly all the current productions following this trend. By doing this, I have instantly made my film more appealing to it's target audience as from my research I found the a good backing track is completely essential within these kind of short films. I also used stereotyping in my production with my filming and editing technique. After deconstructing many current media texts, I was able to identify the main camera techniques used to capture the action, then using these, I was able to capture the skiing in the most exciting, creative way possible. Doing this also allowed me not only to record the skiing itself, but meant I was able to capture the exciting and fun atmosphere that the sport creates.
I decided to follow the generic film structure whilst editing my film as well. Breaking up the different footage with more scenic and artistic shots such as timelapses and other shots, meant that the film now flows better, and doesn't purely focus upon constant skiing, which can often become tedius after some time. However, I challenged the generic conventions as well with my film. By including a short introduction I was able to add more depth to my film, exploring the athlete's passion for the sport, and how it is now becoming one of the fastest progressing sports ever. I feel this added to my production, giving it more of a documentary feel to it which in turn helps attract a wider audience as it now not purely focuses on the action side of the sport.
I also used this at towards the end of the video by adding a voice over to the final sequence, exploring further into the ethics and atmosphere the sport produces. This, I feel, really portrays the athlete's passion and love for the sport as the voice over explains that skiing is not just about the sport itself, but more of a way of live, bringing new opportunities and friends along the way.
This is my final magazine review page.
Using the same basic layout as the poster design, I feel it is simple and eye catching, without too much text and fine detail. Overall, I feel that the combination of my main and ancillary tasks is rather effective. By establishing and maintaining a simple style and layout, the ancillary tasks are instantly associated with the main film task by creating a recognisable theme identity. This is the promotional poster for 'Poorboyz Productions' film 'War' released in February 2007. As you can see, a similar minimalistic layout and style have been used to gain and retain maximum interest. Learning to use Adobe Soundbooth Pro to mix my own soundtrack for the film DL Incognito - Make A Difference A typical example of a current media text from within my genre is Team Boone Skis' submittion for the JPI5 video contest which took place this year in Boreal. The video can be found here - http://vimeo.com/7045311 This is the original song which I mixed for the backing soundtrack for my film. It is a prime example of the stereotypical music genre used within my chosen market, and has proven popular since my video was released. Professional: My work: This shot above clearly shows a comparison between some professionally filmed and edited work, and my own. The similarity in filming style is obvious as both use camera angles which are generally conventional of this genre. Both using mid to long shots to capture all the action and also a perspective of size and speed, both are composed in such a way to be either above or below the feature from a slight side angle to pan across with the skier and they complete their trick. During the pre-production stage, I looked a lot into what the other main pofessional filming companies do before filming their next film. After some research, I found a video made by 'Level 1 Productions' documenting the creation of a short video edit submission they did for a contest a while back. This video shows what I greatly experienced during the creation of my project, that nothing ever quite goes as planned as much as you prepare - but still an amazing video - http://www.vimeo.com/4266729
This image shows my video hosted on www.newschoolers.com which is a website dedicated to freestyle skiing worldwide. I have chosen to host my video here in particular because it is the perfect opportunity to gain the most valid audience feedback and constructive criticism.
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