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Island School Laptop Introduction 2010


Gareth Stevens

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Island School Laptop Introduction 2010

AUP and the Island School Code

The school has a responsibility to set guidelines about the use of computers and its Internet. If you were to be put in charge of generating these guidelines what would you put in them? The Island School Code helps to support this process. Each group should look at one area, either:-

1. Value and respect the diversity of our school community
2. Be positive role models
3. Be courteous and inclusive in the language we use, whether spoken,written or in cyber space
4. Take action to support those in need
5. Show respect for other people’s property
6. Respect the environment and take positive steps to enhance it
7. Be positive about learning and respect the rights of other students to learn in their own way
8.Take responsibility for our actions Island School Laptop Programme - Introduction Health & Safety Why have a laptop programme?
It is all about supporting you to learn more effectively;
Writing and reading - research says that students at laptop schools write more, more often and better;
Research is instantaneous;
You can find sources that are best for you!
When the going gets tough you can even access sites in your first language;
You can collaborate and support eachother;
You can learn anywhere and at any time;
You can revisit class resources whenever you need. Responsible use of technology Security What is my laptop for? "don't just ask what a piece of new technology does, ask what it undoes!" Laptop Reps http://www.janellburleyhofmann.com/gregorys-iphone-contract/
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