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Beverage Technologies

No description

Kristine Muller

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Beverage Technologies

Beverage Technologies Water Technology Top Restaurant Brands ::
- Natura (St. Andy's & American Bounty)
_ Nordaq Fresh
- Vivreau (Bocuse) How Water Filtration Works - Tap water goes through two carbon filters (removes/reduces dirt, rust, sediments, chlorine, other chemicals, contaminants or heavy metals)
- Filtered water goes through a UV disinfection chamber
- Ensures that the water will be free of any bacteria
- Last step is the refrigeration and carbonation chamber
- Made of stainless steel for constant refrigeration. Benefits ::
- Eco-Friendly
- Saves on Bottles (Re-Usable)
- Carbon Footprint (Less Product Travel)
- Cost Effective
- No Need to Purchase Extra Product
- Pays for Itself in 1 Year Wine Technology Enomatic ::
- #1 world wine system makers (Tuscany, Italy)
- 1st company to create a system to preserve wine up to 4 weeks
- 1st company to produce a perfect pour system with temperature control Where To Find ::
-Wine Bars - Cruise Lines
- Restaurants - Shopping Centers
- Hotels & Resorts - Airports
- Casinos Products & Features Elite ::
- Holds 4 or 8 bottles
- Temperature control (45-64 degrees)
~ 8 bottle holder has double cooling system for both red and white Enomove Classic ::
- 8 bottle dispenser on a trolley
- Room temperature (only for reds)
- Ability to serve in the dining room Flute ::
- 4 bottle system (750mL and 1.5 L)
- Temperature (37-43 degrees)
- Pressure control (lasts up to 10 days after opening) -- no loss of flavor or perlage Standard Features ::
- Protection and conservation of wine thanks to food nitrogen
- Computer programming that allows the poured volume to be set
- Automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spouts after each pour, guaranteeing maximum hygiene
- Individual lodging of bottles, allowing to adapt to different heights and sizes;
- Electronic back lit buttons Beer Technology Bottoms Up ::
- Models :: BU 1, BU 2, BU 4 (1, 2 or 4 filling systems)
- Cooled by circulating glycol (always cold beer)
- Dispense rate (approximately 4 oz. / sec)
- Minimal Waste
- Average keg yield is at least 25% more than average
- Customizable (cups and magnets for advertising space) Table Tender ::
- P.Y.O.B. (Pour your own beer)
- Moveable Tables / Keg at table
- Advertising (Specials)
- Internet
- Food & Beverage Ordering (save on labor)
- Jukebox
- Help (Call for server assistance) Table Tap rWall ::
- Maximize self-service brand offerings
- Custom Beer Cards (track consumption) http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=3357298 Cocktail Towers ::
- AZ-200
- Contains up to 62 different brands per tower
- Can portion up to 16 brands per cocktail How it works ::
1. Select the cocktail on the keyboard
2. Place the glass under the cocktail tower and push on the trigger to dispense.
3. The system pour the exact portions of each ingredient (including juices and soft drinks) Alcohol Technology Typical ROI - Large bottle purchases (15-20% savings)
- System Average Cost $649 / Month (minimum 18+ months)
- AZ-200 terminal not compatible with all POS systems Commonplace ::
- High Volume Establishments
- Casinos/ Hotels/ etc. Advantages ::
- Accurate Pours
- Fast and simple dispensing of cocktails
- Consistent drinks
- Lower labor cost
- Less loss due to waste and theft Disadvantages ::
- Bartender skill for guests' entertainment
- What if tower breaks? / will a bartender be skilled enough to fix it?
- Forces limited cocktail menu (only so many buttons on the keypad) Pros & Cons Natura Customers ::
- Craft
- Le Cirque
- Ritz Carlton
- Four Seasons Liquor Inventory $4,800-$5,600 on average Nordaq Fresh Customers ::
- The French Laundry
- Eleven Madison Park
- Per Se Vivreau Customers ::
- Food Network
- Hilton
- Marriott
- Hershey's
- Microsoft
- Harvard University Accubar ::
- Pocket PC PDAs {scan the barcodes (labels of liquor, beer and wine bottles, etc)}
- Data goes from hand held to PC wirelessly Data Collected ::
- physical inventory - transfers between locations
- receiving - banquet and event consumption
- perpetual inventory - large wine cellars
- supplier ordering - requisitions,
- empties - variances,
- low-moving stock - cost of goods Customers ::
- Wolfgang Puck
- Hilton
- New England Culinary Institute
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