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Kristy Hong

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of UCLA


-Distance: 335.5 miles
-Time: 4 hours and 57 minutes
-In the city of Los Angeles
-Pubic Transportation Bus called BuinBus
-Over 800 clubs
-Lots of sports teams

Meal Plans
Different Meal Plans for:
on-campus residents
off campus residents
Many different plans to choose from
$25 fee to change meal plan
Make sure to consider your schedule

Requirements for elgilbility
Applications are due November 1st-30th
ACT Scores (Average for all Applicants)
Undergraduate Student Budget for 13'-14' for California Residents
-University Tuition and Student Service Fees
-Health Insurance
-Books and Supplies
-Room and Board
- freshmen have 3 room choices
-Halls,Plaza,or Suites
-Deadline to accept housing availability
-must come with required fee + application
-Communication by email
-Lifestyle Preference helps match up roommates

Campus Enviroment
UCLA Sports Team
Residence Halls
University Tuition and Student Service Fees: 12,692
Health Insurance:1,530
Books and Supplies:1,536
Room and Board:14,454
Off Campus Apartments
Classic Halls
Residential Plazas
De Neve Plaza, Sunset Village
Hedrick Summit Rieber Terrace, Rieber Vista
Newest Residential Halls
Contains suites
Suite has two groups of 5
shared bath & common area

Houses more than 900 residents
2 bedroom suite, with private entry
Triple Occupancy= 5
Double Occupancy=4
Cable,network connection,laundry room
each complex: sundeck or volleyball court
On-Campus Meal Plans
Non-Resident Meal Plans
Non-Resident 3
A-G Basic Eligibility requirements

(A) History

(B) English

(C) Mathematics

(D) Laboratory Science

(E) Language other than English

(F)Visual and Performing Arts

(G) College Preparatory Electives

Admission Requirements
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
UCLA has a beautiful campus
419 acres
Colors: Dark Blue and Gold
-UCLA has a variety of sports
-ranging from basketball to football
-extremely competitive
-many champions come from UCLA
-250 olympic medals( UCLA athletes!)

-UCLA's campus is lively & busy
-Many clubs you can join
-Ex. Catergories are: Arts,Dance,Educational
-encourages leadership and volunteering
-Students are friendly and welcoming!

Living with Relatives
University Tuition and Student Service Fees: 12,692
Health Insurance: 1,530
Books and Supplies:1,536
Room and Board:4,470
Total Resident Budget:
Total Resident Budget:
University Tuition and Student Service Fees: 12,692
Health Insurance:1,530
Books and Supplies:1,536
Room and Board:10,446
Total Resident Budget:
Room and Board
1. Living w/ Relatives: 4,470
2. Residence Halls:14,454
3. Off-Campus Apartments: 10,446
1&2: 9,984
1&3: 5,976
2&3: 4,008
1. Living w/ Relatives: 1,815
2. Residence Halls: 807
3. Off-Campus Apartments: 1,428
1&2: 1,008
1&3: 387
2&3: 621
1. Living w/ Relatives:1,704
2. Residence Halls: 1,395
3. Off-Campus Apartments: 1,662
1&2: 309
1&3: 42
2&3: 267
"Classic Halls"- the four original buildings
Dykstra, Hedrick, Rieber, and Sproul
co-ed; separate showers and restrooms
TV,Internet connection,and laundry facilities
24 hour front desk
Study lounge & dorms w/ 3
Sproul Hall
Hedrick Summit
For Plaza Buildings:

air conditioned,computer network connection, cable
For All Buildings:
Study lounge,lounge,laundry facilities

Bruin Premier 19
extremely flexible
offers a plan of how meals you can eat per quarter
unused meals week to weak may be used for family and friends
All meals must be used before the end of the quarter
Gold 19
cost efficient
M-F : breakbeast,lunch,dinner
Sat. & Sunday Brunch
Meals not used can not be carried over
one entry per meal period
Blue 14
only 14 meals per week
meals can not be saved
one entry per meal period
3 meals per week
in residential/ quick service resturaunt
one entry per meal
can not carry over
Non-Resident 5
5 meals per week
in residential/ quick service resturaunt
one entry per meal
can not carry over
Covel Commons Residential Restaurant
De Neve Residential Restaurant
FEAST at Rieber Residential Restaurant
pasta,wood-fired pizza,grill
a bit of everything
Asian cuisine like Vietnamese & Korean,
Two years of history/social science including one year of world history
One year U.S. history or one half year U.S. history and one half year of civics or American
4 years required
3 years required, 4 years recommended
2 years required, 3 years recommended
Must have knowledge in two of these subjects: biology,chemistry,physics
2 years required, 3 years recommended
1 year required
1 year required
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Math Test
SAT Writing Test
SAT Composite
out of 2,400

ACT English Section
ACT Math Section
ACT Reading Section
ACT Science Reasoning Section
ACT Composite

Major Requirements
Major #1: Master of Architecture 1
Requirement # 1: College Level course in: Newtonian Physics
Requirement #2: 1 College level course: Algebra+Geo or Trigonometry

Major #2: Design/Media Arts
Requirement 1: Portfolio w/ 10 pieces of applicant's original work
Requirement 2: Knowledge of graphic software

Major #3: Electrical Engineering
Requirement 1: Submit Electrical Engineering Section
Requirement 2: Above 3.5 grade-point average on the application

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