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Learning Needs Assessment

Susan and Laura

Susan Odden

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Learning Needs Assessment

Learning Needs Assessment
Arizona Burn Center
Laura Spitaleri, Susan Odden
October 7, 2013
Dr. Pat Shannon

Overview of Institution
Arizona Burn Center
Wound Care
Skin Diseases
Arizona Burn Center, 2013
947 in-patient
5511 out-patient
Educational Need:
More comprehensive care and maintenance of the functioning wound vac by nursing
Burn use of Wound Vac
prepare a viable wound bed for graft
graft protection
Summary of Results
PA's, NP's, nurse managers and attendings interviewed
Lack of trust that nursing can do a good job, they prefer to do it themselves
Good opportunity for further research
For and Against
Attendings, PA's, and
Staff receptiveness
Step 1
Create a new nursing protocol
Give the nurses a fall back for when the wound vac fails at 3am...
...and this is the intern
In Conclusion
Any burning questions?
Arizona Burn Center. (2013). About the AZ burn center.
Retrieved from http://azburncenter.org/
Wound Vac Education Need
Confidence and Autonomy for Nurses
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